The Mighty Wallet Review

[Buyers Guide 2022]

The Mighty Wallet, also known as the Dynomighty Wallet, is a true classic in the wallet world and probably one of the oldest independent wallet brands on the market. As one of the first paper wallet brands on the market, they remain to this day a popular choice of wallet, thanks to their minimalist design, affordability, and a huge variety of designs available. 

The mighty wallet itself is a very simple design with its main selling point coming from the fact it’s made from a paper-like material called Tyvek. Tyvek although has the same look and texture as typical paper, as we generally know it, is made in a way that makes it far more durable than what normal paper can offer. Its texture has a slight plastic coating to it and has a smooth almost cotton-like feel that is very nice to the touch and provides a stark contrast to what you might think when imaging a ‘paper wallet’.

Look & Design

As mentioned the Dynomighty wallet is made from a material called Tyvek. This material was first developed in 1967 by Dupont. Tyvek itself, although often referred to as paper, is actually a high-density polyethylene (essentially plastic) synthetic material. Tyvek is most commonly used in project buildings, during construction, and protective equipment, but has managed to find its way into industries such as fashion and even banknotes. Below are just a few of the properties that Tyvek offers and benefit the use of it in a wallet. 

  • Light Weight (the mighty wallet comes in at just 0.600 oz)
  • Tear-resistant
  • Ultra-thin
  • Very strong

Along with the material, the other fascinating aspect of the mighty wallet is its huge variety and unique designs it comes in. Thanks to the fact the wallets are made from paper/Tyvek it’s very easy to print so opens up a world of designs that can’t be found across many other wallet brands. With hundreds of designs to choose from, ranging from unique artwork and abstract designs, Dynomighty also offers you the option to upload your own artwork allow you to creates a truly one-off wallet completely unique to you. 


Functionality & Utility 

In terms of design and functionality, the wallet is very simple and probably the most underwhelming part of the entire mighty wallet. That’s not to say it’s bad just not for everyone. The mighty wallet is designed in a typical and traditional bi-fold style. The wallet has a classic full-width money slot for storing any banknotes flat and in a manner that’s easy to access. The other two slots are standard card slots. 

This is where, for me, the mighty wallet falls short. All cards are stored split between these two slots (capacity of up to 12 cards) so it creates a lot of bulk with cards getting easily stuck within the wallet making it quite difficult to retrieve credit/debit cards in a quick and easy way. It’s not terrine and the inclusion of a cutout allows for easier swiping and retrieval of cards, but as you store more it does get harder. 


On the outside of the wallet (the edges of the Bifold) are two additional so-called ‘quick access’ slots. These can store around an additional 3 cards each (6 total). I find these slots work well, although cards did have a tendency to fall out quite easily as there’s a lack of grip to hold them in place. The best way to combat this is to have as many cards in these slots are possible as this creates a natural pressure and helps prevent cards from falling out. 

Another issue I found was the eventual wrinkling of the material after prolonged use. As you use the wallet the material can begin to suffer from wear and tear, along with any printed image beginning to fade. This doesn’t seem to affect the overall functionality or performance of the wallet, but it does change how it looks having more of an aged look to it. Some people enjoy the weathered look (think of a leather patina) but it’s not for everyone and something to keep in mind (the image above showcases this look).


Final Verdict

Overall, I have mixed feelings about the mighty wallet. On one hand, Its material is fantastic durable and creates a wallet that is durable yet compact in size. This, along with its huge variety of designs makes it a top choice I’m both affordability and unique. My main issue revolves around the previously mentioned capacity and ease of access. The more you carry the more of an issue this becomes so I’d recommend the mighty wallet for those who carry fewer credit/debit cards than most. With all that being said, its affordability, unique array of designs, and great choice of material still make it a fine and fantastic choice of wallet.

Starting at a price tag of $16.95 (for a standard mighty wallet) and ranging as high as $39.95 (for custom designs) the Mighty Wallet is a highly affordable and a great budget option for those wanting a cheaper alternative to many wallets out there. Its affordability, even with a custom design, is lucrative and would make a perfect gift or present along with being a great choice for a first wallet for a child allowing them to choose a design of their liking. For more information on the mighty wallet, by dynomighty, visit their official website using the link below. 

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