Makr Zip Wallet Review

The Beautifully crafted Suede Wallet

Makr is a design studio run and set up by its founder Jason in 2007. Makr’s design philosophy since its founding was to create a range of leather goods and accessories with the intent goal of long-lasting, fantastic detail with the finest craftsmanship. A fine example of this is their small but attractive array of leather wallets with their Zip Luxe, a minimalist zipper style wallet, being the wallet I choose when first discovering the brands.

To say the Makr Zip Wallet isn’t attractive is an understatement. For me, Makr is a fantastic example of how subtle and slight changes can really make a wallet stand out from a crowded marketplace. The Makr wallet itself is made from a beautiful Horween Suede leather a leather I’ve not come across before. Horween as a tannery is, first of all, a fantastic choice being one of the most esteemed and highly respected in all of America (potentially the world). But what really impressed me was the Suede finish. Suede is a material not commonly found in wallets (this might be the first I’ve come across), usually found in the likes of handbags and shoes. The washed-out colors and texture, coupled with its amazing soft touch feel really makes it seem more like an item of clothing than a men’s wallet. It’s fantastic, to say the least, and the craftsmanship and quality of the design are immense. 

In terms of functionality, the Makr Zip Wallet, as the name suggests, a pretty common and popular design in the wallet world (see our Best Zip Wallet picks for more info). The outside of the wallet is free of any features making it more of a clean aesthetically pleasing design. Inside though, is where we store our everyday carry items. Being a fairly medium-sized wallet (coming in at 11.4cm × 8.9cm × 1.3cm), it has enough room for hefty amounts of cash and cards. I managed to fit anywhere between 7 – 15 cards comfortably with enough room left over for cash. 

Overall, I was very impressed with my time using the Makr Wallet. The quality is perfect and I was totally in love with the design. That being said, it does slightly drop the ball with its functionality. I’d have much preferred its internal storage to have some sort of efficient organization as opposed to the simple flap divider where my cash and credit cards have the freedom to move around and get cluttered. Nevertheless, I still think the Makr Wallet is great and definitely worth the price tag of $150.00 (currently reduced to $112.50).

  • Functionality 73% 73%
  • Design 86% 86%
  • Price 68% 68%



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