Fjallraven Zip Wallet Review

An Outdoors Wallets from a Classic Brand

Fjallraven, most framed for their classic Kanken backpack, are a Swedish outdooring clothing brand with the goal to inspire and enable more people to interact with nature. As far as brands go Fjallraven has not only amazing versatility with an active lifestyle, but also amazing style. This is no different from whether you’re purchasing a backpack, coat, or even wallet. Although not exactly famed for their selection of wallets, Fjallraven does have a small range of wallets including the wallet we’re reviewing today – The Fjallraven Zip Wallet. 

Its design is in a classic zip-around style where your belongings are stored within the internal compartment with no access to cash or cards for the outside. This has a lot of benefits, including increased security, higher capacity and protection from the elements. The Fjallraven is made from a combination of two materials. Its outside is made from a durable G-1000 HeavyDuty nylon. It is very tough, can easily be cleaned but doesn’t have the highest quality feel or texture. Inside is a softer, thinner polyester/cotton material, that again is durable but does lack in the quality department. 

The Fjallraven’s Functionality is very good and contains an array of storage options for cash, cards and coins. With functionality of up to 12 credit/debit cards with the wallets many slots, you can also store coins in a dedicated zipper slot and your bills in a large note slot located at the very top. The functionality is strong, card slots secure everything nicely and you shouldn’t have any issue with running out of space. 

Overall, the Fjallraven is a lovely little outdoor wallet that can easily protect your belongings in an ultra-lightweight and attractive way. Coming in at a price of $40.00 isn’t cheap considering it isn’t the highest quality wallet in the world (and many examples of wallets similar to the Fjallraven Zip do exist). That being said, Fjallraven are a higher-priced brand, have an amazing warranty and are highly sustainable as a business. For more information on the Fjallraven Zip Wallet and others in their range check out their official website using the link below.

  • Functionality 72% 72%
  • Design 67% 67%
  • Price 64% 64%


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