Magpul Daka Wallet Review

Slim, Thin and Built to last

The Magpul Daka Everday Wallet is a minimalist sized wallet (4.2-inch x 2.84 inches) made from Reinforced Polymer Fabric. This material is both chemical and water-resistant with a textured feel for better friction and anti-slip properties. The wallet doesn’t feel very nice in the hand and the material does come across, in texture and appearance, as a little cheap. That being said it is durable and I’ve yet to have any issues regarding the integrity or durability of the wallet with one month of use. The Daka wallet is available in a room but an attractive range of colors including Black, Earth (Brown), Grey, and Green.

Considering The Magpul Daka’s minimalist size it surprisingly has a lot of versatility with regards to its functionality. Don’t let its size profile deceive you as the wallet is able to easily hold between 3 – 7 cards comfortably between 2 card slots of each side of the wallet (4 in total). As cards are individually separated by each slot they’re easy to access with minimal effort. Cash is secured within a middle center compartment. I found it very roomy with enough space for around 6 – 10 bills, folded, which is more than ample for most people. 

TL;DR: The wallet is unique in appearance and attractive. It has a fantastic build quality and durability especially considering its low price tag of $24.95. I think this wallet is best suited for people who love a minimalist lifestyle but also wanted added durability for a more active lifestyle. 

  • Functionality 60% 60%
  • Design 65% 65%
  • Price 82% 82%



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