Machine Era Wallet Review

Premium Titanium Wallet

The Machine Era Ti5 Slim Wallet is a simple metal wallet that aims to streamline your everyday carry and help you carry only the essentials. It has a very industrial look thanks to its color range (black and grey) along with its choice of metal – Aerospace Grade Titanium. Titanium is best known for being incredibly durable yet lightweight giving it the best of both worlds for a wallet. Made from a single piece of titanium the Machine Era wallet has raised sides allowing you to seamlessly side in your cards for maximum ease of use. 

Speaking of cards, the Machine Era wallet has a humble capacity of up to 7 cards that are stored in a stacking style (debit/credit cards are stacked one on top of another). This is advantageous in terms of maximizing space but does make it a little trickier to find the cards you need when you need them. This is especially true with the cards in the middle of the pack. The wallet is wrapped in a thin durable piece of elastic which is used for storage of banknotes. Finally, the wallet comes with a circular cutout in the metal. This is a very clever multi-purpose design as it acts as either a quick access slot, for sliding out your cards with your thumb or a bottle opener for all your drunken needs. 

TL;DR: Minimalist lovers who love a distinctive look will enjoy the Machine Era Ti5 Wallet. It gives satisfactory functionality in a robust attractive design. Its Titanium build means it’s very likely to last a long time with proper care.

  • Functionality 67% 67%
  • Design 80% 80%
  • Price 65% 65%



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