Guide to Care & Repair of Leather

Keep Your Wallet Fresh!

Few products are as elegant and timeless as leather. Real Mens Wallets suggests that your wallet can make a statement every time you take it out, and quality leather can ensure that statement is a positive one.

Whether it is a wallet, a bag, or a pair of shoes, leather can look incredible for years and is versatile enough to wear with almost any outfit. However, just like any material, leather can get dirty and damaged if not cared for successfully. Thankfully, by properly caring, repairing, and cleaning, you can ensure it always looks its best. This guide is going to take you through how to care for and clean your leather, as well as some mistakes to watch out for.


Daily Care for Your Leather

When it comes to keeping your leather goods looking great, it is often how they are treated in your day-to-day life that impacts how long they last. You should be mindful of any jewelry or zippers that could scratch the leather, and wipe away spots of dust or debris as you notice them.

Also, be careful not to get your leather goods wet, if at all possible. When storing your leather, be sure to do it in a climate-controlled area, and be sure to apply a conditioner to keep it from getting too dry. If it is going to sit for a while, be sure to take it out periodically to make sure it is still looking and feeling good.

Also, be careful in the heat. Heat can negatively affect your leather goods, and cause them to dry out and crack.


Cleaning Your Leather

Every now and then, you will need to give your leather a bit of a cleaning. When cleaning, be sure to try to clean a small and hidden area first, so that you don’t ruin the item if something is wrong with your technique.

When cleaning leather, all you will generally need is a soft cloth, a brush, some water, and a little bit of soap. You can use the brush to softly brush away any loose dirt and debris. For the more caked-on dirt and grime, mix some soap and water and then blot or wipe the area with a damp and lightly-soaped cloth. For best results, you should let the leather air-dry.

If the leather is incredibly dirty or has dealt with some damage, you may need to reach out to a professional to repair or restore the leather.


Mistakes to Watch Out For

While we have talked about some good things to do in order to keep your leather in good shape, there are also some things to avoid. One of the biggest is to avoid using harsh chemicals on your leather, as it can actually make things worse.

Things like saddle soaps, ammonia, and abrasive cleaners should often be avoided in most cases. Also, even if a cleaning product is safe to use on leather, avoid using too much. Be sure to know the difference between cleaners, conditioners, and other types of leather products, too.

By following the tips and information included in this article, you can ensure that your leather products remain in great shape for years to come.


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