How to Tell if a Gucci Wallet is Real?

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The bigger the brand the higher the chance there are a lot of fakes out there. This is one of the biggest issues you’re going to run into when considering purchasing a wallet from a designer brand such as Gucci. According to sources, the fake product market is estimated to be worth approximately $600bn per year. As one of the most recognized designer brands in the world, Gucci has long aimed to tackle the counterfeit market and has many implemented its own systems to track the issues.

Chances are if you’re reading this article then you’re considering a Gucci Wallet or other product from them. If that’s the case, then it’s going to pay to better understand whether or not the Gucci wallet you purchase is fake or not. This article is going to look in detail at the ways you can protect yourself from potential scams, how to find authentic Gucci sellers/resellers, and the best ways to tell whether a Gucci Wallet is real or fake.

The Different Types of Gucci Wallets

When it comes to men’s apparel and fashion items sold by Gucci, you can do a lot worst than considering a Gucci Wallet. Gucci has been producing many classic and traditionally styled wallets for over 100 years and they remain to this day one of Gucci’s top sellers. Due to their smaller size, many counterfeit companies prefer to produce fake Gucci Wallets as it costs them less allowing them to benefit from higher margins. 

The first thing you should look at when considering whether a Gucci Wallet is real or fake is to see if the wallet you want to buy is an actual style of wallet sold by Gucci. Ask the seller for the model number and do a quick search online for fast results. Below is a quick overview of some of the more popular Gucci Wallets sold today. 

The Ophidia Range: The unique repeating pattern of the Gucci logo is what sets the Ophidia array of wallets from the rest. This attractive patternation is embossed and etched into the wallet and adds a highly unique and sort after look. It’s also available in a range of different colors including all-black and a more vintage brown(s).

The GG Rhombus Range: This is what Gucci Excels at when they add vibrantly, and none complementary colors all into a very ‘in your face’ design. The Rhombus Range offers wallets in pink and brown, purples and blue, all with the Gucci logo pressed abstractly across the face of the wallet.

GG Marmont Range: These wallets are classy and are defined by their all-black & Gray appearance. The only difference is you can choose to have the Gucci logo in a different array of colors including black, gold, and silver.


Why is Gucci So Popular?

Founded in 1921 Gucci is a household name in the fashion world. They rose to fame thanks to the efforts and direction of Aldo Gucci, son of the founder Guccio Gucci, who made the brand a global phenomenon. With over 487 stores worldwide and sales in excess of 8.2 billion dollars, it’s fair to say Gucci is here to stay and continues to strive for its founding principles of high-end luxury fashion produced in-house in Florence, Italy.

From here, Gucci has gone from strength to strength, and although they are no longer owned by the Gucci family (which actually had its own movie made about it), they are still considered one of the most respected and sort-after fashion brands in the world. This has obviously caused many counterfeit and fake products on the market 


How to Tell if a Gucci Wallet is Real?

As a designer brand, Gucci Products are one of the best quality products in the world being made by talented artisans and from the best materials. Although scammers are getting very good at replicating the design aspects of the goods they are never perfect and there are some telltale signs you can look out for when inspecting the quality and craftsmanship of Gucci. 

    1. Check the Gucci Logo: The logo is often not as good quality on any Gucci product as this is something Gucci places a lot of money, time, and effort into getting right. Make sure the logo is aligned correctly (used reference images when necessary) and the letters are evenly spaced. 
    2. Check the materials: Gucci only use premium full-grain leather in all their goods. Make sure the leather is real and keep an eye out for the stitching. Good stitching is a real skill and most fake Gucci Wallets will have uneven and imprecise stitching. 
    3. Check the packaging: Gucci has very ornate and high-quality packaging. After all, if you’re buying a Gucci Product you want to whole Gucci Experience. I would recommend staying away from any Gucci product that doesn’t come with its original packaging – it’s just too risky. Real Gucci Wallets come with a premium dust bag and an ornate box with a Gucci Logo on it. Again, use reference photos from the Gucci Official website. 
Check the Serial Number/Gucci Tag

One of the ways Gucci has taken it upon itself to help protect consumers is with a Serial Number. Each Gucci Product comes with a unique serial number, a long string of digits, which can be used to identify your Gucci product. This serial number tracks everything from the exact model of wallet/product you have to the manufacturing date and date of purchase. You can plug this number into Gucci’s Product Authentication Checker to instantly get confirmation.

Gucci has taken this one step further and included an NFC Tag, dubbed the Gucci Tag, which uses Near Field Communication to store this information. All you near to do is place a smartphone near the Gucci Wallet and you’ll instantly get a prompt to open a webpage. Clicking on this will automatically take you to a Gucci Website confirming the authenticity of your wallet. 

Make sure that any Gucci Product you’re attempting to buy has either an NFC Tag or a complete serial number. Demand proof from the seller in the form of a video showcasing this, to further increase your chances of avoiding scammers. Any seller not willing to do this is not worth trusting. The Gucci Tag is a new innovation from the company so older products will not include them.

Buy from a Reputable Seller

Certain sellers require proof of authenticity before they allow sellers to list certain products online. This is very much the case for any designer brand, Gucci included and is a great way to get your hands on a Gucci Wallet without the fear of it being a fake. If you find a Gucci Seller who claims to be fake check his/her reviews to make sure they have positive ratings. The likes of ebay and Etsy are other great place to look, but, due to their popularity, are riddled with fakes. 

The Price Tag

If the price is too good to be true then it’s probably a fake. This is a good rule of thumb and something I live by regardless of what I’m buying. Gucci Wallets retain their value quite well so if the wallet you’re buying is far below the original retail price, I’d proceed with caution. 

We did some research on what Gucci Wallets are currently being sold for on the aftermarket (secondhand) and found the majority of them being sold anywhere from a 20 – 30% discount price. Any more than that and I wouldn’t give the seller the time of day. 


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