Hissimo Slim Wallet Review

Cheap but not Very Cheerful

Hissimo is a brand I can’t really say much about. Their range of wallets are basic, to say the least, and the qualit of their range of wallet is satisfactory at best. When I first unboxed the Hissimo Slim Wallet I really didn’t see anything that made me think this wallet was going to ‘wow’ me in the way many other brands do. In fact, with a quick search on the Chinese wholesale site ‘Alibaba’, I had already found a wallet that was near identical to the Hissimo in every way, which makes me think Hissimo is just a cheap knock-off brand who buy generic mass-produced wallets. I’ve talked about mass-produced wallets in the past and in my opinion Hissimo is no different. 

But all that aside, how does the wallet itself actually fair. First of all, let’s tackle the wallet’s material choice. The Hissimo range is made out of genuine leather which is the second to the worst type of leather on the market in terms of quality. The actual description on the website is a  bit confusing as it actually says, I quote, ‘genuine leather wallet: made from top-grain cowhide leather’. Anyone who knows anything should know that you can’t have a wallet made from top-grain and genuine leather. It has to be one or another. 

Finally, the wallet has ample functionality for what you get. It comes with enough room for ample cash and cards with an ID Slot for an identification card like a driver’s license. A full-width slot will fit American bills but don’t bother with any larger sizes (Like euros or pounds) as they won’t fit. Finally, the Hissimo wallet does come with RFID Security which is nice to have, but please read our full article on the subject here. 

TL;DR: This wallet isn’t worth your time. Its price might be enticing at only $13.99, but mass-produced wallets like his are poor in quality and will cost you more in the long run as they’ll need to be replaced. I’d recommend looking elsewhere and paying slightly more for a unique wallet as there’s plenty on the market at reasonable prices. 

  • Functionality 45% 45%
  • Design 30% 30%
  • Price 70% 70%



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