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If you looking to get into or are already love leathercraft then you may be wondering the best place to discover cool, interesting, and unique wallet patterns to dig your teeth into. As someone who loves leathercraft, but also reviews hundreds of men’s wallets each and every year, I thought I was in a unique enough position to give you my top picks of the best leather wallet patterns from across the internet. So here you have it, my top picks for ‘free’ (and some cases not so free) patterns to choose from. 

If you’re looking for DIY Kits (those not only come with patterns but also the materials and supplies to build the wallet yourself), then you can find our similar article here on the Best DIY Wallet Kits. Kits are best for complete beginners, those looking to understand if leathercraft is a hobby that you want to take up before you purchase the hefty amount of tools and supplies.


Weaver Leather Supply

Weaver Leather Supply is best known for selling a huge array of crafter’s supplies as far back as 1973. Along with everything you’d need to get started in the craft, they also provide a great array of free wallet patterns to choose from. This extends to 8 different wallet designs ranging from classic bifolds, travel and flap wallets. Not only is its fantastic that Weaver Leather is providing these patterns for free, but each pattern is accompanied by a video where they go through an easy-to-follow step-by-step process of building the wallet. 

Overall Weaver Leather is providing a fantastic service to those who want to create some classic-looking wallets with their array of free wallet patterns. If you lack any materials or tools, then Weaver Leather also provides a list of purchasable items that are what they used to create the leather wallet. Although the designs might be fairly simple for seasoned craftsmen, I believe Weaver Leather is best for beginnings who perhaps need to buy materials, as well as would find the accompanying video helpful. I’ll also tag on the end that you can get free shipping on all orders at Weaver Leather using the coupon code (at check out) ‘CORTER’.


Make Supply Leather

Since 2013 Make Supply has provided a small community-driven website aimed at teaching, people everything they need regarding leathercraft including written and video tutorials, leather templates, DIY Kits, and, of course, patterns. Make Supply definitely cater towards the beginner as each and every one of their 16 different designs is presented with a video tutorial, that explains everything well, but also a list of tools you will need to get started. 

As we mentioned Make Supply has approximately 16 different wallet patterns to choose from (much more for other leather goods), with a fair and eclectic array of wallets to choose from. While offering patterns for cardholders and bifolds, they go one step further than say, Weaver Leather, which provides some patterns for larger wallets with more interesting features. One example of this is their Roper Style Long Wallet that has an intricate and unusual shape, difficult for even the most seasoned craftsman. 


Stock & Barrel Patterns

Stock & Barrel is a brand I’ve been familiar with in the past having reviewed their Cardholder in the past. Although not free, and along with being able to purchase already complete versions of the wallet through their online store, Stock & Barrel are unique in allowing for people to handcraft the array of Stock & Barrel wallets. That’s the equivalent of Apple Inc. giving the blueprints/designs of their iPhone out to everyone for next to nothing and saying ‘go build it yourself. It’s not as profitable for them to do so but it’s great for the customers and having the choice.

With 8 different leather wallet patterns to choose from, Stock & Barrel charges a small fee for the luxury of downloading the patterns. This starts at a price of $8.00 and ranges as high as $15.00 depending on the pattern you want – affordable if you ask me. One glaring issue, especially for beginners and the fact you have to pay, is some of the patterns don’t come with any instructions on how to assemble them. That being said, if you have experience in leathercraft already, then these leather wallet patterns are some of the best on this list which is a testament to Stock & Barrel’s good reputation in the market for leather goods. 


Leather Cove Patterns

Leather Cove is a great place not just to discover an amazing array of leather wallet patterns, but also leathercraft patterns in general. Set up by Chris, a leathercraft lover, who has dedicated his entire site to providing free patterns, tools, and tutorials to help new beginners hone and develop their skills. Leather Cove’s range of wallet patterns is quite diverse with a great selection of over 5 to choose from ranging from bifolds through to more advanced and complex designs such as passport or notebook wallets. 

Leather Cove themselves are providing a fantastic service for budding hobbyists looking for free patterns to choose from. Not only that, but each pattern comes with a list of equipment needed, tutorials, and step-by-step guides to making the process of making each wallet as easy as possible. For more information on Leather Cove, and to discover their full range of Leather Wallet Patterns, check out their official website using the link below. 


Black Flag Leather Templates

Black Flag Leather Goods is another fantastic brand that offers a great array of wallet patterns to choose from. I first discovered them through their amazing YouTube channel offers free, quality, and expert advice for people looking to start or improve upon their leatherworking stills. 

It really is a valuable source of information for aspiring leathercraft workers and their array of leathercraft templates goes beyond just wallets with free templates in a variety of everyday carry goods including Sunglasses cases, Valet Trays, and even a leather cup sleeve! 

What’s also great about Black Flag Leather is they also offer the templates without any catch at all. You don’t even need to sign up for their mailing list. Check out the array of free templates available today on their website using the link below. 


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