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If you’re looking for a way to experience the skills and craftsmanship of building your own leather wallet but don’t know where to start, then why not consider a DIY Wallet Kit. This is an affordable and cost-effective way to build your own wallet (handle leather, thread the stitching, choose design) without needing to purchase any heavy start-up equipment or tools. If you’ve been thinking about getting into leathercraft, as a hobby, for some time this is probably the best way to start and will also provide a sense of satisfaction that you build the very wallet that you use. 

Today, I’m going to be talking about some of the best DIY Wallet kits on the market today, the pros and cons of each, and why you should consider each. Remember, wallet Kits are suited for people who are looking to get an ‘experience’ out of buying a new wallet. Let’s get into it. 


Little King Goods

A small boutique located in Ontario Canda, Little King Goods have risen to fame thanks to their highly successful YouTube channel where they spill the secrets to their leathercraft journey and teach people how to get started with the hobby. Along with selling a huge variety of different high-quality wallets they also sell a small range of DIY Leather Kits. The first, dubbed the V1, creates a highly attractive minimalist wallet that combines a rich array of different colored leathers with a pattern design. The second called the F2 is a more traditional bi-fold style wallet and probably the harder of the two. 

Make no mistake Little King Goods’ range of DIY Kits is fantastic and probably the highest quality on this list. But, for this quality, you are going to pay the price with the kits coming in at $50.00 and $65.00 respectively. Is it worth the price? We personally think so. If you’re honestly considering taking up Leathercraft as a hobby then this is the most authentic experience. The best way to conclude whether or not this hobby is right for you going forward. 

Finally, Little King Goods also sell downloadable patterns at cheaper prices ($20.00 – $25.00). This simply gives you instructions on how to make any number of the most popular wallets. This is a great budget option for those who already have some equipment and aren’t starting from scratch. For more information on the Little King Goods DIY Leather Kits check out their official website using the link below. 


Lether School Kits

If you’re looking for a Leather DIY Wallet why not purchase one directly from a school of leathercraft? The folks at Leather School provide exactly this. Alongside a variety of beginner & intermediate courses available to develop the art of leatherworking, their DIY Wallet kit allows you to create you’re a more unique leather wallet (it resembles a purse). 

The leather itself is made from the best Italian leather, with a great capacity for cash and cards all within a wallet of a fairly small size. This kit is probably the easiest to make, and also the quiet. That being said, if you’re looking for a true to life experience of leatherworking a different kit might be a better option. One of the most innovative things about this DIY Kit is the ability to have the wallet personalized. The website allows you to upload a name, unique message, or even a logo and have it pre-printed directly on the leather – a nice touch if you ask me.  

Leather School Kits will set you back the price tag of £39.00 which is around $50.00. With it being a UK company postage and shipping time might be higher than normal so that’s always something to keep in mind. Overall, I feel the Kit is a nice and simple take of a DIT Wallet. The design of the wallet is unique and with its personalization options might be the best option for a gift or present. For more information on the Leather School Kits check them out using the link below. 


Wingback Custom Kits

Wingback is one of my favorite wallet brands ever thanks to the clever minimalist designs along with being made from premium leather. The Wingback Card Holder is no exception to this is also available in DIY Kit form for a reduced price tag of only £30.00 (compared to the full build version at £45.00).

The Kit itself comes with a single sheet of full-grain Tuscan leather, a large wheel of thread, for a color of your choice, and a needle for construct. Wingback also makes the process simple with a nice video tutorial which can be viewed here. For more information on the Wingback Custom Kits check them out using the link below. 


Weaver Leathercraft Kit

A very affordable option is the Weaver Leaftcraft, which comes in at just $25.00. The Kit creates a very classic bi-fold style design with 2 slots for cards (max 3 -6) and a full-width slot at the top for your bills. The choice of Leather is actually great with this Kit including a choice of Veg Tanned Hermann Oak that can be dyed and stamped or Chrome Tanned Pull-Up Leather for modern rustic style. Comes with necessary thread (in white) along with 2 needles. For more information on the Weaver Leaftcraft Kit visit their website below. 


Toddler Leather DIY Kit

Etsy is always a fantastic place to discover handmade wallets and the range of Kits available is also broad. One of the most popular on the website is the Toddler Leaver DIY Kit which is one of the more complex Kits creating a very functional leather bi-fold. The wallet itself is made from beautiful 100% vegetable tanned leather with a beautiful finish. 

Unlike other kits on this list, Toddler also provides a range of ‘optional’ additional items including Beeswax for burnishing, Sandpaper for edges, and Beachwood edge burnisher. This is alongside the usual included leather, needle, and thread. Overall, this Wallet Kit is more expensive than others on this list coming in at around $50.00, but that is justified as what you get is much more than others and the exact design is much more intricate. For more information on the Toddler’s Kit check them out on etsy using the link below. 


Blackthorn Leather Kit

The Blackthorn Leather Kit offers some a great minimalist wallet made from a light, almost white, natural vegetable tanned leather and black thread for a distinctive contrast. The Wallet Kit is also very affordable coming in at around $25.00. The wallet itself is perfect for people who love a slim look as the wallet can barely be felt in the pocket.

This wallet is also known for developing beautiful patina overtime helped by its light color that can easily attract more dirt for that rustic look. For more information on the Blackthorn Leather Kit visit their etsy page using the link below. 


Billy Tannery – Pouch Kit

Based in the UK, and owning on the only remaining Micro Tanneries, Billy Tannery produces some of the most high-quality leather goods in the United Kingdom and specializes in creating leather goods from Goat Leather. This unusual and rarely used leather has many fantastic properties, and advantages, including a pronounced gain, a beautiful texture, and added durability. 

Alongside their array of leather products including and not limited to wallets, bags, and even rugs, Billy Tannery has recently released their own ‘make-at-home kit allowing creative individuals, and aspiring leather craftsman, to create their own zipper wallet. Along with being able to make a wallet from Billy Tannery’s signature Goat Leather, you’ll also have the opportunity to create a more advanced wallet as the intricacies of integrating a zipper make this more of a challenge compared to other wallets on this list. 

Billy Tannery’s Pouch Kit itself comes with everything you need to get started in leathercraft including written/video instructions, all the material, and a variety of tools including Needle, Awl, and Thread. Not only this, but for each Pouch Kit sold Billy Tannery will also donate £10.00 to the AgeUK Covid Appeal which is a great cause. At a price tag of £65.00 (or $89.00), it’s not cheap but for the quality and design, it’s an amazing leather kit in my opinion. For more information visit their official website using the link below. 


Lemur Fold Wallet

The final wallet on this list is the Lemur Fold Wallet. Although this wallet isn’t exactly a Kit I’ve included it in this list as its a unique wallet in the sense you do need to construct the wallet on purchase and unboxing. The wallet isn’t constructed through a needle and thread but using classic style ‘push pins’ where you have to fold the wallet in place much like you would with an origami crane. 

The Lemur Fold is a great choice for people who may not want a DIY Wallet but still want something a little different and unique. The wallet can also be unfolded at any time so it could be good for storage options. For more information on the Lemur Fold wallet check out our full review or visit their official website below. 


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