Flap Boy Slim Wallet Review

A Wallet with Magic Qualities

The Flap Boy Slim, by brand Jamie Jacobs, is an unusual wallet that takes the design and shape of the infamous ‘magic’ style of wallet. For those who don’t know magic wallets use a combination of elastic where money can literally be automatically pulled away and out for you to easily use. It’s quite hard to explain how it works in writing but this video by Garzini (another brand who uses this magic wallet mechanism) shows how it works perfectly. 

This method of easily accessing cash is probably one of the best we’ve ever come across. It allows cash to be accessed, and put back, with absolute ease something not quite as good in most traditional bi-fold styles of wallets. Along with that the Flap Boy Slim also has 8 dedicated card slots for a maximum capacity of around 8 – 16 credit/debit cards (16 if you use 2 cards per slot). Due to the design of the Flap Boy Slim, it also retains its size without bulking out regarding the number of cards you decide to store. 

Where the wallet falls short for me is in its build quality and use of materials. When I first unboxed the wallet it was clear it wasn’t made out of a quality leather but more of genuine leather. For those who don’t know, genuine leather is actually one of the worst leather grades on the market and it’s clear the Flap Boy Slim is made from poorer quality leather. This is backed up by the fact I couldn’t actually find anywhere on their website that indicated what type of leather it actually is. 

Because of this, and considering its hefty price tag of over $100.00, I can’t really recommend this wallet. A wallet of this price should be on the premium side and the Flap Boy Slim falls short on this. Other ‘magic’ styles of wallet do exist (the before mentioned Garzini wallet is one example) of better quality and a lower price tag. For more information on the Flap Boy Slim check out their official website using the link below. 

  • Functionality 78% 78%
  • Design 68% 68%
  • Price 40% 40%



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