The Dosh Wallet Review

Dosh Wallets are a unique range of wallets developed by the brand of the same name based in Australia. They solely produce wallets with a unique twist providing a range that is unique as they are distinctive in both style and material used. Dosh’s design philosophy is to create a modern wallet that strives to be different while still incorporating classic design. By Utilizing a unique polymer material their wallets have a host of advantages.

This review will focus mainly on the standard and most popular version of the Dosh Wallet – The Aero. Although we will be talking about the full range available in parts as most of their range (9 different wallets) has a lot of crossover. Let’s now talk a look at what the Dosh range of wallets could offer you and see if they’re worth your hard-earned money. 


Look & Design

Each wallet takes a bi-fold inspired design but with innovative use of material and color options. Each wallet is made from molded  TPU; a highly durable, flexible, water-resistant polymer material (basically plastic). The color options and combinations extend to classic colors like white or black too unique like the stark black and orange wallet as seen in the image above. 

Overall, I’ve mixed opinions regarding the material used in the Dosh Wallet. On one hand, it boasts all the advantages you’ve read above and that does set it above many wallets that use traditional materials like leather. That being said, the material isn’t great to touch in the hand, feels cheap, and doesn’t have a great look to it. That being said, versions of the Dosh wallet are available in different materials mainly their ‘Dosh Alloy’ model that’s made from anodized aircraft-grade aluminum but comes in at a much higher price tag.


Functionality & Utility 

In a bifold style, the standard Dosh Wallet features 6 dedicated card slots, 3 on each side of the bi-fold. These slots can store between 6 – 12 cards (two in each slot max), but I preferred 1 per slot total. What I love about the Dosh wallet is there’s room between each card slot raising them slightly in the area. This gives room to easily fit your finger underneath the card for easier access. Most wallets have the cards flush against the wallet but Dosh’s system is much better and provides an easier method for access cards quickly and swiftly. 

A metal money clip runs down the center of the bi-fold to attach and secure banknotes. I have mixed feelings regarding the effectiveness of these sorts of money clips. Due to their thin nature, I never feel like they secure my cash well enough and I oftentimes find cash coming loose and falling out against my will. That being said, I think it does provide a very easy way to access this cash. Having each end of the cash-free to grab allows you to easily look through your banknotes and find the bill you want. 

Dosh also provides RFID versions of each of their wallets although you will have to pay slightly extra (around $5.00 more) for this novelty. RFID stands for Radio-frequency identification and is a security measure to help protect against a crime known as contactless fraud. For more information on that click here.


You can also check out their other range of Dosh Wallets. They actually have 9 different models all with slightly different designs, and features. Below is a quick breakdown of their range and the differences each wallet provides (including prices).

Dosh Alloy Wallet: The classic Dosh wallet but made from Aluminum instead. It provides a much higher quality look and feel with increased durability. But be ready to pay for this luxury as the Alloy wallet comes in at $139.95.

Dosh Artist Wallet: Probably the biggest difference in design. The Dosh Magic wallet uses the common ‘magic’ method for storing cash and cards as popularised by wallet brand Garzini. These wallets also come with cool graphics printed on the front with Dosh collaborating with acclaimed artists. A version without graphics (the standard magic wallet) is available. 

Dosh Noir Wallet: An all-black version of the Dosh wallet with a longer profile. Looks very classy. Comes with RFID as standard but is commonly sold out due to its popularity. 


Final Verdict

Dosh wallets offer a refreshing and interesting take on a men’s wallet. The use of this TPU material and the distinctive range of colors offers a unique experience and a wallet range that can not be compared to others on the market. Although I wasn’t personally a fan of this material it has a lot of advantages and is best suited for people looking for maximum durability who potentially partake in more extreme activities where damage might be common. 

At a price tag starting at $49.95 and extending as high as $139.95, the Dosh brand took me a little by surprise. I personally think the wallets are a little too expensive for what you get. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed using the wallet, but the quality and overall use of TPU material didn’t give me the impression of a wallet deserving of that price. But that’s just me, I think Dosh has done a great job developing a brand that is unique enough to be identifiable on its own accord and is innovating in a way to promote change. So for that, I commend them. For more information on Dosh check out their official website using the link below. 


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