The Slim Dash Wallet 3.0 Review

Dash, as a brand, has a long history of successful Kickstarter campaign having successfully funded 10 different wallets on the platforms having raised hundreds and thousands in a fantastic example of Kickstarter success. And it doesn’t take much to figure out why Dash has had so much success. Each and every one of their wallets is unique and innovative in design, having created a range of wallets fit for the modern age in both size and functionality. 

Today we’re going to be talking about one of my favorite wallets in their collection – The Dash 3.0 Wallet. Dash is a brand based on offering premium wallets at affordable prices but also take into consideration the sustainability of their wallets and materials. I like brands that take an environmentally focused stance as it’s a real issue in today’s society. For me, it would be a defining factor when it comes to choosing between two wallets and a cause that every leather goods brand should be considering in 2021.

‘Dash Wallet’s was founded on Kickstarter over 4 years ago thanks to a little pup named Dash. He pretty much destroyed anything leather he got his paws on. You can imagine what Dash did to an old wallet. We took it upon ourselves to create a wallet that would help prevent Dash’s crewing obsession – and I think we’ve succeeded. – Dash. 

Look & Design

The Dash 3.0 Wallet is a minimalist-sized cardholder style wallet coming in at a size of just 6 x 9 x 0.5 cm. Being made from one single piece of PU Saffiano black leather with a nylon lining. This PU Leather is actually not made from animal skin and is certified Vegan. Again, this makes the Dash range of wallets perfect for people looking for a more sustainable choice and one not negatively impacted by the Leathercraft industry. 

The wallet itself has a very classy and modern look to it. Coming in two colors, either black Saffiano or Espresso Saffiano (a dark brown), the wallet has a timeless look, one that will both stand out in a crowd but also never go out of fashion. One thing to note is the texture of the Saffiano Leather. The material is a little rough to the touch with a texture that resembles a cat’s tongue (it’s the only example I could think of), but obviously not as rough as that. It wasn’t unpleasant to handle by any means and added to the wallets durable and flexible enough to easily move cards and cash in and out with ease.

Overall I like the minimal design of the wallet and the material is both durable and functional in nature. It took a little while to get used to the roughish texture on the wallet, but this quickly became the norm as it actually provided additional grip to the wallet in use and a more tactical feel. Let’s now go on to talk about what the Dash wallet can offer you in terms of functionality.

Functionality & Utility 

Considering the wallet’s smaller size the Dash 3.0 Wallet has a surprisingly good storage capacity for both cash and cards. In total, the wallet has 3 utility compartments; 2 card pockets, and 1 cash slot. This provides a maximum credit/debit card storage of between 4 – 10 cards while the cash slot can store anywhere from 1 – 5 bills (folded) until I found the wallet began to bulk out. 

The overall layout is quite satisfying and you never need to fumble about to find what you’re looking for. Each of the compartments is well spaced out for easy access and you’ll never have to reach far to find and gain access to the card you want. The Dash does a great job of maximum space compared to its size. This is something many other minimalist size wallets get wrong so it’s an impressive feat for any wallet – great job!


Final Verdict

Overall, taking into account the affordability of this wallet I was absolutely delighting with the sheer quality of the Dash wallet. Their craftsmanship, and use of vegan leather, make for not only a wallet that can last the test of time but also is more sustainable than other wallets on the market. Its minimalist size is compact and comfortable to carry, while still retaining decent storage of cash and cards. 

Coming in at only $20.00 Dash and stood to their core principles in providing great wallets at an affordable price for all. Not only this, but you can also get 15% off your order by subscribing to Dash’s messenger list which can further bring this already affordable wallet even cheaper. I recommend this wallet for people who are looking for a great minimalist wallet, a great price, and all within a highly attractive and well-built wallet.  If you’re not already convinced, The Dash Slim Wallet has 158 reviews with over 98% of them being at least 4 or 5 stars. For more information on the Dash 3.0 Wallet check out their official website by clicking the link below. 


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