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The Slim Dash Wallet 3.0 Review

There’s something incredibly satisfying about a wallet whose sole purpose to be a wallet. No overly complicated features, no crazy colors, just back to basics with a sleek minimalist design. The Dash Slim Wallet (Version 3.0) is a little wallet with nothing more than an aim to slim down your EDC (every day carry) and provide you will an affordable wallet that’ll last a lifetime. 

I bought the dash on that premise and went into the review expecting exactly that. Dash is a brand based on offering premium wallets at affordable prices but also considering the sustainability of their wallets and materials. I like brands that take an environmentally focused take as it’s a real issue in today’s society. For me, it would be a defining factor when it comes to choosing between two wallets.

‘Dash Wallet’s was founded on Kickstarter over 4 years ago thanks to a little pup named Dash. He pretty much destroyed anything leather he got his paws on. You can imagine what Dash did to an old wallet’. – Dash.

Look & Design

The Dash wallet is minimalist in size coming in at 6 x 9 x 0.5cm. It’s also made from an odd combination of materials. Being made from one single piece of PU Saffiano black leather with a nylon lining. The material is a little rough to the touch but is very durable and flexible enough to easily move cards and cash in and out with ease. 

The wallet comes in only 2 colors – either black or brown. I personally prefer the black version as I feel the brown one looks a little material with this material. 

Overall I like the minimal design of the wallet and the material is more functional I’m it’s utility. I’m not a personal fan of the feel and texture of the wallet but it’s fine to use in practice. 

Functionality & Utility 

The wallet is basic in its functionality. With 3 dedicated utility compartments for cash and cards, 2 card pockets and 1 cash slot. The overall layout is quite satisfying and you never need to fumble about to find what you’re looking for. 

While in the pocket being such a slim size the Dash wallet is barely noticeable and does a great job of staying slim regardless of the number of cards you carry. Speaking of cards, the Dash wallet can hold a maximum of between 8 – 12 cards a great capacity considering its minimalist size. Banknotes do need to be folded in the Dash wallet which isn’t always the best when it comes to quickly take out and putting away cash. But this is the necessary downfall of having wallets of a slimmer size. 

Final Verdict

The dash is a great little minimalist wallet at a really reasonable price. Coming in at only $20 Dash and stood to their core principles in providing great wallets at an affordable price. I recommend this wallet for people who are looking for a great gateway minimalist wallet without breaking the bank.

For more information on the Dash 3.0 check out their website by clicking the link below. 


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