Dango A10 Adapt Wallet Review

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Dango shouldn’t need an introduction if you’ve ever been into the wide world of wallets before. They’ve quickly become a household name due to their highly stylized wallets that look like nothing else that can be found on the market today. If you have an idea or image in your head as to what a wallet should look like then Dango is about to change that. Founded in 2015 Dango’s goal is to create wallets with mobility and modularity in mind, making rugged almost space-aged-looking wallets that conform to both powerful and minimalist designs. 

Today we will be looking at one of Dango’s most ambitious wallets to date – The Dango A10 Adapt Wallet. This modular wallet is built to integrate with a wide variety of other accessories thanks to its innovative rail system. It’s this versatility that really sets the A10 Adapt Wallet apart from, well, nearly every other wallet on the market today. Let’s jump straight in and see what the A10 Wallet could offer you. 

Look & Design

One of the reasons people choose to go with Dango Wallets is due to their unique designs. At first impression, the A10 Adapt looks more like something that fits inside a car engine or some sort of component inside a computer. Dango is known for its crazy unique designs and the A10 is no different. Love it or hate it, the wallet really stands out from a crowd and has on multiple occasions got people’s heads turning when I’ve been using the wallet.

The design of the A10 is also worth mentioning as a lot of thought and attention to detail has gone into it. Made from DTEX which is a water-resistant and anti-slip material. It’s often said to be a hybrid between denim and nylon taking the best from both materials. The A10’s chassis, or frame, is made of machined 6061 aerospace-grade aluminum. This provides a premium look and feel great durability, and a lightweight carry experience. This combined with the DTEX Material really creates a wallet with everything you need from a unique look to a durable long-lasting wallet. 

Its size comes in at 4.1″(104mm) x 2.7″(68mm) which compared to many modern-day minimalist wallets is larger than most. This shouldn’t deter you though, the wallet feels great in either the front or back pocket although it can be a little hard due to its frame being made from metal. These medium-sized wallets are actually my favorite. They’re not too small as to inhibit storage, yet not overly large as to be uncomfortable – the best of both worlds. 


Functionality & Utility

Where the Dango A10 Adapt really shines is with its functionality and is a wallet unique in and of itself in the wallet world. The Dango uses an innovative and patented rail system that enables you to store and access your credit/debit cards simply thanks to the innovation of the A10’s patented design. The rail system also doubles as an open ID window for displaying identification, badges, and any cards that need scanning like an employee ID or train ticket. 

The wallet also has RFID Security. This means the wallet will protect your contactless-enabled cards and helps prevent you from being subject to an up-and-coming crime commonly known as “card skimming”. This crime enables thieves to activate your credit/debit cards wireless technology and drain your account with contactless payments. Wallets with RFID block these signals and keep your cards secure and safe. 

Storage wise the A10 is very clever with the way it storages must-have items such as credit cards and banknotes. In total the wallet can hold up to 13 cards easily stored and accessed through the previously mentioned rail system. This means with just a slide of a finger you can access your cards easily, from two adjacent sides. Overall, the ease and simplicity of the Dango A10 really shines and it’s a fantastic wallet for people looking for great storage, a unique design yet, and the added strength of the all-metal design. 


Accessories & Modular

As stated earlier what makes the A10 Adapt Wallet great is its versatility being compatible with a wide variety of accessories to suit your own individual needs. In one aspect this is great as you can choose and tailor the wallet to your individual needs. That being said, the price of all these accessories can quickly add up and you can end up spending upwards and over $100.00 for the Dango A10. 

  • A10 Chassis Clip: A standard money clip made from the same strong aluminum material. 
  • Neck Lanyard & Badge Holder: This enables you to store your A10 Wallet around your neck and also doubles as a Badge Holder for people in the forces. 
  • A10 Bifold Pocket Adaptor: Using the rail system you can add a fully functional bi-fold wallet to the rail wallet adding much-needed storage of credit cards and cash.
  • A10 Single Pocket Adaptor: Much like the Bifold Pocket Adaptor this accessory is more slimline and minimalist in size (adds less bulk), but doesn’t have as much additional capacity for cash and cards.
Price Tag & Value

Price is a big factor and consideration when it comes to the A10 Adapt Wallet. That’s because not only does the wallet come in at a high price tag of $79.99 but its accessories, which are likely a must for many people, are all optional extras and will add more to the final price tag. Below is a quick reference chart that showcases the cost of all the various accessories that work with the A10 Adapt Wallet.

  • Dango A10 Adapt Wallet: $79.00
  • A10 Chassis Clip: $15.00
  • A10 Neck Lanyard & Badge Holder: $15.00
  • A10 Bifold Pocket Adaptor: $35.00
  • A10 Single Pocket Adaptor: $35.00

So what does this all mean for the cost of the A10 Adapt Wallet? Let’s assume that most people are also going to want the Bifold Adaptor for their A10 ($35.00), and also a Neck Layard ($15.00). This would put the total cost of the A10 Wallet at a staggering $129.00. Now I’m not here to say this is overpriced or not worth the money. At the end of the day, the Dango A10 Wallet is fantastic. That being said, for a wallet, I’m not sure the A10 offers much more than other wallets on the market to justify the high price tag – just food for thought. 

Final Verdict

My only gripe with the A10 Adapt is the fact it costs a lot of money. This is mainly due to having to pay quite a significant amount for all the different accessories that many people will want to purchase. That being said, the Dango A10 Wallet is one of the best in the Dango range. Its pure ingenuity, rail system for easy access, and use of premium materials are something that can’t be understated – regardless of price. 

Combined with Dango’s Lifetime Warranty, you truly have a wallet that could last a lifetime. For more information on the Dango A10 Wallet visit their official website using the link provided below. 


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