The Damda Wallet Review

A Vintage Style Cardholder

It’s safe to say the Damda Wallet is one of the most unique wallets I’ve come across in a long time. Its design is highly innovative with a stylized design that resembles a retro-futuristic design that looks like it came straight out of a 1960s sci-fi movie. In essence, the Damda Wallet is a cardholder with a hard case exterior with access to your cards through a semi-automatic hinge mechanism that flips open to access your stored credit/debit cards. The Damda Wallet itself has a maximum capacity of around 5 – 6 cards which is an okay storage quantity but will probably be best suited for those minimalist lovers. 

In images, the wallet looks like its made out of brushed metal, but in actuality, the wallet is entirely made from plastic (Polycarbonate & Thermoplastic polyurethane if you care to know that). For me, that adds a cheapness to the wallet as the Damda Wallet has an overly lightweight feel and makes me question the overall durability of the wallet over time. That being said, after using the Damda wallet for a little over 1 month I’ve not come across any sort of durability issues which is nice. 

The wallet also boasts RFID Functionality for those who want added functionality and peace of mind you’re credit cards won’t be subject to contactless fraud. This is cleverly integrated into only one side of the wallet so you can still choose to have a chosen card ready to use without needing to take the credit/debit card out of the case. This back panel is also transparent which means it can double as an ID Card slot. 

TL;DR: Overall, the Damda Wallet is a lovely design with simple functionality. The wallet can really only store cards so it’s not the best for those who love to carry banknotes with them. At a price tag of $39.99, the wallet is reasonably priced with a is recommended to people who love the vintage design above all else. For more information visit their website using the link below. 

  • Functionality 59% 59%
  • Design 85% 85%
  • Price 75% 75%



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