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The Cardamon Wallet Review

The Carmadon wallet is a successful attempt at blending the traditional bifold wallet design with minimalism. Most minimalist wallets take the modern approach of design for their wallets, which is to create a strap and leave an opening. However, the carmadon opted to stick to the traditional wallet root and perfectly blends in the minimalist needs. It is an attempt at perfecting the traditional wallet as the functionality is retained but the design is minimalist.

When I laid my eyes on the Carmadon, I thought to myself, how can something be so simple, yet complex. That is the story of the Carmadon – as it maintains the bifold that gives me the traditional wallet feeling. When factoring how hard it is to attempt an improvement on the traditional bi-fold, especially with a minimalist approach, you will how awesome it is to pull this off.

The material isn’t the usual leather or elastic canvas materials used for wallets. It is a new material developed from over two years of in-house R&D. It delivers a high level of durability, performance, and beauty that never wears out no matter the duration of usage.  We will take a deeper look into what makes the Carmadon your go-to wallet.

The simplest interpretation of a minimalist billfold possible. The Cardamon Wallet aims to be the perfection of the traditional wallet. The essential functionality has been retained, but all other aspects of this design represent a new approach.’.

Look & Design

The Carmadon delivers on looks and design, despite not going through the usual minimalist approach. The choice of material particularly stands out in the design. The name of the material used is the Meridian Shell – an aesthetic, refined, and well-constructed material. It is a new material, but the durability couldn’t have been better. The Meridian shell is an engineered fabric that is made from a 300 Denier Polyamide / Polyester blend and constructed in an ultra-high-density weave. 

The rich material exhibits offer stability and stretch to accommodate more. It comes in five aesthetically pleasing colors that satisfy every taste. The color includes phantom black, mustard yellow, Majorca blue, ruby red, and chocolate brown. One of the biggest catch for me is the waterproof and stain-resistant nature of the material, while it also maintains versatility and durability. It’s not every day that you get a great blend of style and durability.

Functionality & Utility 

It maintains the typical minimalist approach in functionality and usage. It can hold up to eight cards, with up to four cards on each side. Perhaps, the biggest catch is that it accommodates every currency in the world. The size has been confirmed to accommodate all currencies for North, Central & South America and Australia.  It added a little more space in that department to make it big enough to accommodate every currency around the globe.

In terms of usage, it is almost indestructible. As the material is smooth, yet rugged enough to withstand anything you throw at it.

Final Verdict

The Carmadon wallet delivers in terms of blending the traditional Bifold with the new minimalist ways. The materials used are great and cannot wear out, while the functionality is awesome than most minimalist designs in terms of holding currencies. You don’t have to fold your cash too much. Ass that there is a lifetime warranty and you will realize how durable it is.

Coming in at a price of $69.00 the Cardamon Wallet is pricey, to say the least. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for a really durable wallet that I think would last a lifetime then this might be the way to go. For more information on the Cardamon visit their website by clicking the link below.


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