The Dixtinta Wallet Review

The Good
  • Small contact size with great functionality. Great for people who want the best of both worlds.
  • Made from a combination of premium materials including calf leather and cork. Cork has many advantages as a material. 
  • Great, affordable price tag. Should be within everyone’s budget.
The Bad
  • Cash overhangs the dedicated note slot. This means physical banknotes will have to be folded multiple times to fit.
  • Can only fit between 1 – 5 cards (at a push). This is slightly on the low side even for a minimalist wallet.
  • The wallet is sometimes described as ‘girly’ or ‘feminine’. Although this doesn’t matter to me it might put some people off.

If I could describe the Dixtinta Wallet in one it would be “quirky” or “exotic”. When you see the Dixtinta in person it’s no surprise really, as it does have a distinct and unique look you’ll never see in any other wallet brand before. With a range of fascinating colors, the use of cork material, and a minimalist size and design the Dixtinta wallet is really a jack of all trades on paper. 

Dixtinta is probably one of the least known brands I’ve ever reviewed. So I thought it would be great to bring this unknown brand to live. Being founded and made in Spain, Dixtinta creates products based on the idea of freedom in how and what you carry. Like other brands, they’re completely against the idea of boring and bulky wallets, and wanted to design something smaller but with enough room to create a huge variety of innovations and create designs to go with it. 


Look & Design

On first appearance, the Dixtinta may look a little Feminine. Truth be told a few of my friends did think I was carrying around a new purse at first. Nevertheless, don’t judge a book by its cover. Although the Dixtinta does have a certain stylistic look, that’s not to everybody’s taste, the wallet does come in a huge variety of styles and designs with over 26 designs to choose from. This is really one of the coolest aspects of the wallet as you can tailor the wallet to your likings, choosing from a choice of materials, colors, and textured designs. 

We can’t not mention the wallets use unique materials. Most wallets by Dixtinta use textile cork as part of the design of the wallet in combination with calf leather. Cork is a very good material as it has many advantageous properties other materials, including leather, don’t possess. This includes increased durability, increased sustainability, but also being water-resistant and lightweight. 

We must also mention this wallet’s cute’ and miniature design. Coming in at only 9.5 cm x 6.0 cm x 0.8 cm the wallet is firmly in the ‘minimalist’ or ‘slim’ category but the functionality really does excel when compared to its quaint size. This is one of the best things regarding the wallet. It can be hard to find the right balance between size and features but Dixtinta has done a great job of tackling both issues very effectively and efficiently. 


Functionality & Utility 

The wallet has 3 distinct slots. The first is a dedicated coin slot, nice addition, and very welcomed in such a small wallet. This coin slot is secured with a button style clip but is also surprisingly roomy for a wallet of its size being able to store anywhere between 5 – 15 coins depending on its size. Protruding away from that slot is the wallet’s card slot with room for 3 – 5 cards. This isn’t a huge amount but for its size, this is more than enough for most people.

Finally, the wallet has a note slot on the reverse side which folds out once unbuttoned. One of the major issues with the Dixtinta is its overtly small note slot. For example, the Dixtinta can’t fit any British note without the top edge of each note sticking out. The only way around this issue is by folding the notes over once which isn’t ideal at all. Apart from that, the wallet performs very well with no complaints when in practice. I loved having an actual coin pouch and the wallet works well in practice while retaining its small size. 


Price Tag

Another great aspect of the Dixtinta is the great price tag. Coming in at between $21.90 and $29.90 the price you pay will be based on the model of wallet you want. The cheapest being the standard cork model at $21.90, and the most expensive being the full calf leather version coming in at the slightly more expensive $30 mark. Overall, regardless of the wallet you choose, the price tag is still very cheap and affordable to most people and a great option for people on a budget. 

Final Verdict 

I’m a really big fan of the Dixtinta Wallet. It really is one of the most unique wallets on the market today. If you saw the wallet in a sea of others it could easily be pointed out and for that, I respect the brand wholeheartedly. The use of cork as a material is fantastic, in combination with calf leather, along with the huge variety of design choices to choose from. Overall, I really think this is a great wallet and would love to give this small, unknown brand from Spain some increased exposure. For more information on Dixtinta please visit their website using the link below.


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