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Over the past few years, Shell Cordovan has quickly become the leather choice for many high-end wallet brands. You only need to take a look at any wallet made from this material to see why. Its glossy smooth exterior and omission of any pebbled or imperfections are instantly noticeable. While its durability overuse far exceeds even the most popular Full-Grain Leathers currently used across the world. 

Although its popularity is on the rise, it can still be quite challenging to find wallet brands that produce wallets from this unique leather. This article is going to look into five wallet brands, and craftsmen, who provide exceptional, functional, and attractive wallets from Shell Cordovan Leather. We managed to get our hands and test these wallets and we weren’t disappointed. The Video Below is a lovely overview of how Shell Cordovan is Made.

What is Shell Cordovan Leather?

Shell Cordovan, similarly referred to as Cordovan is a type of high-end Equine Leather (horse) made from the inner hide on the rump of a horse. It’s traditionally used in luxury shoes thanks to its attractive smooth look, durability, and non-creasing ability that allows it to keep its original look and feel over prolonged use. 

Originating from Spain, Shell Cordovan is named after the Spanish City with the same name and dates as far back as the seventh century. Shell Corovan goods after charge a high price tag compared to other more commonly used leathers due to its difficulty to work with and increased costs of production (due to its unusual location on the horse). 

Its success and mainstream use are often attributed to The Horween Leather Company, one of the oldest and most esteemed leather companies in the world, who produce the leather and propelled it into the mainstream. Today, Shell Cordovan is used in various goods not limited to Shoes but wallets, razor strops, and watch straps. 


Orraman Leather

Produced in Scotland, Orraman Leather is an independent wallet brand founded a run by a husband and wife team of just two. I first stumbled across Orraman Leather on Instagram and was immediately charmed not only by their innovative wallet designs, but the sheer attention to detail and unique use of leathers. One type of leather they use is of course Shell Cordovan (sourced from Horween Leather). With nearly 30 different wallets to choose from, in a variety of designs, it’ll be hard not to find a wallet that’s right for you. 

Charm and elegance, Orraman Leather Wallets really have a rustic and traditional feel to them. It’s like you’re holding a wallet that’s 100 years old. With any independent brand, price is going to be a big factor and Orraman Leather is no exception. Prices start at £75.00 and range as high as £275.00 for their larger and more complex designs. A wait time is also to be expected of anywhere between 1 – 3 weeks which showcases how every wallet is handmade justifying the higher prices.  

Overall, I was very happy with the wallet I used by Orraman Lether. I couldn’t fault the craftsmanship and the range of choices is higher than even most mass-produced large-scale brands. If you’re willing to wait and have the money to spare I can’t fault Orraman Lether. You can sign up for the Orraman Leather Mailing list to receive a 10% Discount on your order. For more information on the full range of wallets made by Orraman Leather check them out using the link below. 


Ashland Leather

The story of Ashland Leather is quite unique. Founded in Chicago, Ashland Leather was built from the grown-up by two long-time workers of the previously mentioned Horween Tannery. With over 30 years of combined experience in the leather industry, they set their sights on actually using the leather they produced setting up Ashland Leather to produce a wide array of leather goods from Shell Cordovan.

I first got a chance to use a wallet from Ashland Leather back in 2020 and still own the wallet to this day. My opinion on their wallets hasn’t changed much and the stand-out features we’re only their amazing craftsmanship and range of choices, but also the amazing Shell Cordovan Leather which I couldn’t fault. You can read our original review of Ashland Leather here.

Starting at a price tag of $65.00 and ranging up to $375.00, Ashland is another high-end brand that produces handmade wallets by esteemed craftsmen. I can’t fault the quality and overall craftsmanship of each and every wallet they use. If you’re looking for a more affordable wallet then Ashland Leather also provides a range of wallets using other types of leather including Chormexcel and Horween Dublin Leather. 

Ashland Leather also provides a 10% Discount Code for sighing up to their mailing list. For more information on Ashland Leather check out their official website using the link below.

Chester Mox

Founded in 2009 Chester Mox is another brand I first discovered through their Instagram and beautiful photos of their wallets. Based in California, USA, Chester Mox produce a wide array of leathers unique leather goods including Bags, Keychains, AirTag Holders, and of course Wallets. With over 10 years of handcrafting and producing amazing goods, Chester Mox has risen to fame as one of the leading independent brands of handcrafted wallets. 

One of my favorite aspects of Chester Mox, compared to other brands on this list, is their fantastic array of Customization options for their goods. Here you can choose to personalize your wallet in any way you want from the leather & thread color, though to a custom monogram of your choice. And that’s just the beginning, Chester Mox also provides a huge variety of different leathers to choose from, not limited to Shell Cordovan, but also includes the likes of French Chévre, Alcantara®, and Full Aniline.

Since all goods are handmade to order there is a lead time on all wallets produced by Chester Mox. This is anywhere from 2 – 8 Weeks with the latter due to increased workloads due to seasonal holidays such as Christmas. Starting at $80.00 and ranging up to a whopping $530.00 you’ll need to be a big spender if you’re considering any Shell Cordovan wallet from Chester Mox. For more information on the full range of wallets from Chester Mox visit their official website using the link below. 

Popov Leather

Probably the biggest brand on this list, Popov Leather is a leading brand in handmade goods being founded in 2013, and what started as a hobby for one man, the idea behind the brand was to create the best front-pocket wallet ever, one that wasn’t too bulky and would be comfortable to carry. Fast forward nearly 10 years and Popov Leather is now a thriving business creating a wide range of leather goods all handmade with quality leather and by artisan craftsmen. 

From classic bifolds to slim cardholders Popov Leather creates a fantastic array of wallets to meet the needs of nearly everyone. They even go one step further developing more Niche wallets including the likes of their Checkbook Wallet and Long Wallet which comes with an optional chain. While using Full Grain Horween Leather on the majority of their goods each wallet is deep and rich in color and is incredibly well made from only the finest materials.  The prices are also highly competitive and Popov Leather is by far the most affordable brand on this list with wallets starting at $69.00 and ranging only as high as $149.00

A 10% Discount (sign-up form is in the footer) can be yours by signing up for their mailing list. Free Shipping is also available on purchases over $75.00. We also loved using Popov’s Pocket Profile Quiz, which is a creative quiz that points you in the right direction to the best wallet for you. For more information on Popov Leather, and their full range of goods, check out their official website using the link provided below.

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