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A restaurant server needs to stay organized while they’re on the go, and they need a wallet that can keep up. The best wallets for servers need to be sleek, durable, compact, and thoughtfully designed to immediately meet a waiter or waitress’s various needs. 

Server Books, or wallets, should be sturdy enough to write on, resistant to spills, and secure. Waiters often need to keep track of several orders, credit cards, tips, pens, and notes – so a well-designed server book is a must for any serious restaurant server. 


What is a Server Book?

Server books are essentially a tool for wait staff to organize everything they need to do their jobs effectively. Server wallets typically have a place for a notepad, pen, credit cards, and a secure pocket for cash. 

Restaurant servers who often find themselves overwhelmed with the number of orders and transactions they need to manage may benefit from better organization offered by a well-designed server wallet. 

The Waiter Wallet

The Waiter Wallet is a godsend for servers who need to have all of the answers at their fingertips. Waiter Wallet was founded in 2009 by waiter-turned-artist Jon Schneider in Los Angeles. Jon designed the Waiter Wallet after years of working as a server in restaurants around LA. 

The server book’s top fold design makes it easy to discretely hide cheat sheets with information about wine pairings, menu specials, and other notes. The bottom portion secures a notepad atop a sturdy surface for taking down orders. There’s also a large side pocket along the length of the server book for storing tips, credit cards, and receipts so nothing gets misplaced. 

Each Waiter Wallet can hold several credit cards, cash, a notepad, and cheat sheets. The simple, black leather case hides everything a server is carrying from guests while protecting its contents from accidental spills. Prices start at $18.95 (depending on the size you want) which is highly affordable for most people with discounts available for businesses that want to buy in larger volumes. We actually have a full review of the Waiter Wallet here or visit their official website using the link below.

Golgino Server Book

With a cross-stitched vegan leather outer shell and a range of interior colors to choose from, the Golgino Server Book is a classy and functional wallet for restaurant servers who want to appear professional and put together. Golgino, based in Michigan, manufactures luxury products for restaurant servers and prides itself on affordability and classic design.

The 9” x 5” wallet comfortably holds a notepad, pen, cash, and credit cards in its 11 pockets and slots. There are two pockets secured with zippers to store coins and cash. A clear ID window on the back of the wallet can hold a business card or employee badge. The leather cover is enforced with silver metal corners to offer additional durability. The wallet is small enough to store in most aprons, and it’s sturdy enough to comfortably write on. 

The Golgino Server Book’s outer shell is black leather and the lining comes in Blue, Magenta, or Champagne. There are also outer shells in Carbon Fiber Black and Marble Black finishes. All options are $17.99. For more information on the Golgino Server Book check out their official website using the link below.

Brinero Professional Server Book

Brinero’s Server Book is as utilitarian as it is stylish. The simple, black leather server wallet is 5” x 9” with 11 pockets, two magnetic pockets, two pen holders, and a zipper pocket. Brinero is a family-owned business based in Virginia. The company designs server books and diaper backpacks. 

The Brinero Server Book comes in a Smooth Black finish or a Black Textured finish for $15.99. Brinero server books are intentionally designed without logos or images so the wallets are appropriate in any establishment. 

The wallets do offer plenty of storage beneath their simple covers, and each server book is made with several layers of pressed board to provide an especially firm writing surface. The rounded corners are reinforced with silver metal for added durability. Unlike most server wallets, the Brinero design features two magnetic pockets that are large enough to quickly tuck away tips and receipts without fumbling with a zipper. 

Paisley Garbage Server Book

The Server Book by Paisley Garbage features a unique, rustic design that’s perfect for servers who want to achieve a timeless, effortless look that many server wallets don’t offer.  PaisleyGarbage, based in Southern California, works with a CO2 laser and scanning-marking laser to cut and engrave various materials. 

The 4.75” x 8” wallet has a place to secure a notepad and pen, and three slots on the left for credit cards and cash. There are no pockets secured by zippers or magnets, so carrying coins or large amounts of cash may be difficult.

The full-grain leather wallet is handmade using natural materials. The wallet comes in Black, Brown, Gray, or Natural. The rivets that hold the wallet together can come in Bronze, Gunmetal, or Nickel. PaisleyGarbage can also add engraving and embossing to the wallet upon request. Prices start at $29.50. For more information visit their Etsy page using the link below.

HerriaT Server Book

The most affordable server book on the list, HerriaT’s Server Book comes in a wide range of colors and a one-year warranty to protect buyers from any product defects. HerriaT produces leather document holders including server books, passport holders, car registration holders, and travel wallets. 

The 8.07” x 4.92” wallet is made of eco-friendly PU leather that’s water-resistant and easy to clean. The wallet opens to reveal several slots to store tickets, a notepad, pen, credit cards, and a zipper pocket for cash. There are also transparent pockets to easily keep track of credit cards and notes. The server book is designed to hold a 3.5” x 6.75” server notepad. 

The Server Book is available in Classic Black, Classic Blue, and the largest array of color options to choose from on this list. Its also highly affordable with prices starting at just $9.99, making the HerriaT Server Book an ideal tool for new servers (who might not be planning on waiting for a career or long-term employment). For more information on the HerriaT Server Book visit them on Amazon using the link below.


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