The Waiter Wallet Review

A Server Wallet for Waiters/Waitress’

We don’t usually do niche reviews for wallets made such as this but the Waiter Wallet, made from the brand of the same name, caught our attention. We first discovered this waiter wallet during a local restaurant visit and were immediately impressed by its versatility and ease of use in helping waiters/waitresses become more efficient and accurate with taking orders. This prompted us to purchase our own Waiter Wallet and try it for ourselves. 

As you’d imagine the Waiter Wallet is large in size and designed especially for Waiters who want a more seamless and easier way to take orders in a breeze. Coming in at a size of 4¾” x 6¾” x ¾” the original Waiter Wallet can fit 4″ x 6″ Pad, but if you’re unhappy with this size, 6 other sizes are available to suit your needs. Functionality-wise the Waiter Wallet is very strong and does everything you’d need as a waiter. Its design is in a bifold style. It includes multiple slots, including full-width slots made for storage of items like cash, and receipts. Its main function is to store a pad (for taking orders), but also includes an expandable Clear Pocket System in which you can download templates to store information regarding menus to help increase the server’s knowledge, sales, and tips.

In terms of its quality, I was a little skeptical of its quality at first. Although it’s unclear the exact type of leather the Waiter Wallet is made from, based on my experience, it was clearly Genuine Leather. Genuine Leather has a lot of misconceptions around it, but in general, it’s actually one of the worst quality grades of leather (even if its name suggests otherwise). That being said, the leather still has a good look to it, with a nice shine and decent durability. I’d just be wary of how this generally poor grain of leather will last over prolonged use especially under more demanding conditions (use in a restaurant). 

Overall, I thought the Waiter Wallet was very good, and although I didn’t use it in a professional restaurant environment, it was clear that its utility, layout, and overall design were very strong for serving its purpose for waiters. This is even clearer in the Waiter Wallet’s positive reviews with thousands of reviews of 4-5 stars or better. Starting at a price tag of $18.95 and ranging up to $29.95, the Waiter Wallet is highly affordable and for restaurant owners, discounts are available for bulk purchases. For more information on the Waiter Wallet check out their official website using the link below. 

  • Functionality 75% 75%
  • Design 72% 72%
  • Price 80% 80%



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