The Best Budget Wallets

[Buyers Guide 2022]

There’s nothing more annoying than finding the perfect wallet only to suddenly be slapped in the face with a price too high. It’s not an uncommon thing when browsing the shops in person or online and is damn right annoying. Luckily, we plan to change that with this article. If you’ve got a budget of $30.00 or less then this article is for you. We’re here to provide you with all our top picks for the Best Budget Wallets under the $30.00 price tag. 

Budget Wallets at around $30.00 are a great compromise between great quality before the price really picks up.  But before we get into the nitty details let’s discuss we really need to look into why we choose these wallets and what you should avoid when choosing a cheaper wallet.


What to Look for in a Budget Wallet?

Like anything the more you pay the better product you get. That certainly is true with men’s wallets but not always the case. If you go through our recommendations and don’t find a wallet you like, please at least follow our advice for choosing a budget wallet. Not all wallets are created equal and understanding what makes a good wallet is paramount to making a good purchasing decision. Below are some of the things we look for in a Budget Wallet and all wallets on this list follow these simple rules.

Avoid Knock-Off Wallets

This is more of a warning to stay away from cheaply made wallets mass produced from China. It can be difficult at times not to fall for the overly cheap prices (usually much below $30.00), but in my experience, it’ll pay off. I always prefer to purchase wallets that are handmade from the companies country of origin – usually handcrafted. All wallets on this list are either handmade or at least made within a small factory. It pays to shop local and the same goes for wallets.

Material & Craftmanship

Material is a big one. Many companies will make you think that high-quality leather or quality metal like aluminum is expensive while it’s quite to opposite. There’s no reason why quality and craftsmanship have to be compromised by lower price tags. All budget wallets on this list are made from quality materials. Whether that be metal, leather, or elastic. 

Check & Trust Reviews

As a review site, this is a big one for us. We personally use each and every wallet we review for at least 1 month before we come up with our own verdict. Fake reviews or rife in many eCommerce stores so be careful when using them. We’ve provided links to review in-depth reviews of each of the wallets provided below. Always make sure you do your own du-diligence before committing to any purchase. 


The Spine Wallet

Starting at: $21.00

Dubbed the world’s thinnest wallet it isn’t any larger or thicker than a standard-sized credit or debit card. The Spine Wallet itself is made from an aluminum metal that’s both strong, durable, and resistant to wear and tear. Along with this, the Spine is wrapped in a thick elasticated piece of material that is used to hold your cards in place. Cards are stored by being stacked on top of each other. I found you could store around 6 cards easily before the wallet started to get a little bulky and noticeable in the pocket.  

It also has tones of customization options for those who like their accessories to standard out from the crowd. This includes a variety of different metal choices from aluminum, copper, and brass through to unique cravings including their American flag edition. The final thing to add, and one of its coolest features, is the spine wallets included a bottle opener that’s inbuilt directly into the spine wallet itself. 

At just $21.00 the Spine Wallet is way below the $30.00. The Spine Wallet is our top pick for an ultra-thin wallet and for those who carry very little win them on a daily basis. For more information on the Spine Wallet check out their official website by clicking below or read our full review here. 


The Nero Wallet

Starting at: $19.99

The Nero is my top pick for a leather wallet on this list although it’s also incredibly slim in size. As a family-owned business from Romania Nero Wallet takes great care in the production and manufacturing of this wallet with high-quality materials, including full-grain leather, Alcantara, or even denim along with fantastic craftsmanship. 

Having used the Nero Wallet since 2015 it really is a fantastic design. Resembles nothing more than a small leather cube. Situated in all corners apart from the button are various card slots (5 total) for a range of ways to store and organize your cards. This is an approximate storage capacity of up to 15 cards with enough remaining room for cash stored in whatever slot you prefer. 

Finally, the wallet has a range of customization options with a choice of the custom monogram (your initials) and also includes the option of RFID Security if you so choose. Overall, the Nero Wallet is a fantastic little wallet that starts as low as $19.99, again, putting it way under the $30.00 mark. I think if you’re looking for a nice balance between a minimalist size (90 mm (H) x 60 mm (W) x 8mm) and ample storage then the Nero is a great pick. Keep in mind though shipping from the EU to the US may incur some additional costs. You can read our full review of the Nero Wallet or visit their official website using the link below.


Hawbuck Dyneema Wallet

Starting at: $30.00

This little unknown independent business is situated in the heart of Chicago. The founder’s aim was to simply develop the best Dyneema wallet anyone can buy. But what exactly is Dyneema? In a nutshell, it’s a type of composite fabric that’s super strong, durable, and will probably last a lifetime. The material in terms of its look and feel resembles the likes of plastic with a fairly rugged texture thanks to its many layers of strong fibers.

The wallet in question by Hawbuck, the Lean H01, is probably their most popular as a classic style bi-fold, with an ultra-thin disposition (size: 2.8″ x 7.75″). The wallet has 3 slots in total, 2 for standard credit/debit cards for a capacity of 4 – 5 on each side, and a full-width slot at the top for your banknotes. It’s a simple design for sure but does the job. 

Finally, we have to talk about the range of designs available from Hawbuck. Along with the use of Dyneema, and its affordable price, Hawbuk provide customization options through their extensive range of designs. Whether you just want a unique color (such as green or blue) or an intricate design like the above featured abstract pattern theirs probably something for you.

Hawbuck Wallet’s start at a price tag of $30.00 bang on our target. Although they can range as high as $60.00, their simple, and most popular wallet, the Lean H01 wallet is still my personal favorite. Hawbuck is best suited for people who want durability at its best. The material is one of the strongest in the world (no joke) and combined with the craftsmanship Hawbuck provides creates a wallet that can withstand most issues. Again, read our full review of Hawbuck or visit them directly using the link below.


Nomatic Basics Wallet

Starting at: $19.99

Nomatic is a fantastic brand that creates a range of products from wallets through to backpacks. They place innovation first creating ultra-sleek and attractive products priced accordingly for the average consumer. Famed for its incredible simplicity and affordability the Nomatic Basics wallet is a minimalist sized wallet with an all Medical Grade Elastic. Compared to the elastic of the Crabby Wallet, Nomatic has gone with a firmer elastic that holds it’s shape better but provides less stretch. 

With a great capacity of up to 15 cards. The wallet itself is very basic with just one single large slot at the top. Everything from your cards, through to cash and even coins can be stored in the Nomatic Basics (that’s to a smaller internal ‘secret’ pocket). The innovative pull tab, also made from elastic and topped with leather, is a nice addition also. A simple pull of the tab will push your cards outwards easily releasing them for easy access. 

Starting at a price tag of $19.99 The Nomatic Basic Wallet is a great wallet for those who want simplicity above all else. The single-slot design and great size and innovative pull tab make it so cash and cards can be accessed in a breeze with little to no issue. For more information on the Nomatic Basic’s Wallet check out our official review or visit their Amazon page using the link below.


The Crabby Wallet

Starting at: $14.99

The Crabby Wallet has a special place in my heart as one of my first ever bought minimalist wallets. I first discovered them through Kickstarter and fell in love with its simplistic, minimalist, and durable design. The entire Crabby Wallet itself is made from a durable elastic material. Elastic itself isn’t the most attractive material but does have amazing properties compared to other materials. Elastic is very durable and its elasticity means that storage and access of cards is an absolute breeze. Because the elastic can stretch it’s very easy to store a huge amount of cash and cards in a tiny sized wallet.

This is shown when you compare the wallet small size of ( 2 x 4 x 1.8 inches ) to its great capacity of up to 10 credit/debit cards in one central slot. The other slightly smaller slot situated at the front is meant for cash and can even store a few coins, again, thanks to the elastic material that hugs the coins tightly and prevents slippage. Other features include the unique elastic strap that fits around the body of the wallet and prevents items from falling out, along with its lanyard style strap that can attach the wallet to other items (like a chain would).

Starting at a price tag of $14.99, the crabby wallet is half the price of our $30.00 threshold which makes it the cheapest on this list. The wallet itself doesn’t expel quality, but if you’re looking for a minimalist wallet with the advantages of elastic this could be the wallet for you. Our full review of the Crabby can be read here, or visit them at Amazon by clicking the link below.


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