The Bando Wallet Review

An Ultra-Thin Affordable Wallet

The Bando Wallet, made by the popular brand Dash, is an ultra-thin wallet with a range of features to streamline and improve your EDC experience. Having successfully funded the wallet on Kickstarter (raising over $200,000) the wallet has remained increasingly popular averaging 4.8/5 stars over 107 confirmed ratings. The Bando wallet is built on simplicity and if you’re a minimalist lover, who likes to carry less, this could be the wallet for you. 

Firstly, let’s look at the wallets’ design and material. The Bando prides itself on being very thin coming in at just a few millimeters in size. This is fantastic for those who love to use a back pocket for storage as it helps mitigate potential back problems caused by large bulky wallets. The wallet material is something of a unique choice. The Bando is made from a microfiber leather canvas. This gives the wallet a quite hard exterior to the touch but provides a more durable wallet, built to last while adding waterproof qualities to the leather. Overall, it takes a bit to get used to but it does the job. 

Finally, the Bando Wallet does a great job of maximizing the wallet space for features. The wallet has a number of easy to access card slots for a storage capacity between 1 – 10 credit/debit cards. Cash can also be stored in the elastic band at the back that also doubles as a secret slot for carrying small items like keys or even coins. The 2 quick ‘draw’ or access slots make it easy to access any card with a simple pull of a tab. Overall, I can’t fault the functionality of the Bando, and at the low price of only $20.00 it really is an absolute steal.

  • Functionality 80% 80%
  • Design 75% 75%
  • Price 90% 90%



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