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With modern-day wallets going down the path of being more slim and minimalist it pays to take some time to look at the other side of the so-called wallet spectrum. Wallets that hold a lot of cards were all the rage back before the idea of contactless payments was a thing. The real reason wallets have decreased in size over the years is the advent of new forms of payment including things like Apple or Android Pay. We just have less of a need to carry lots of cards with us so it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find a wallet that does indeed hold a lot of cards. 

Sometimes we just have a lot of cards and need a wallet that can not only store more than a typical person but also want an effective, functional, and easy way to organize and access your cards at a moment’s notice. It’s all about efficiency when it comes to wallets with lots of card slots and this and this is going to be our core topic for today’s article.    

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Finding the Right Number of Cards

Bellroy Folio Wallet

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Oliver Co. London Compact Wallet

Visconti Matteo Wallet


Finding the Right Number of Cards 

When it comes to deciding on a new wallet with many card slots it pays to do a little bit of thinking about what you carry with you, and what you may, in the future, carry with you. Think about your current wallet. How many credit/debit cards do you currently carry? Do you have other cards like loyalty, gift cards or ID’s that you need and will continue to need in the near future. 

I had a friend once who bought a wallet with 12 card slots. 1 month later half of them were bare and it was simply a wallet that wasn’t necessary to their needs any longer. They eventually bought a new more slim one. A waste of money to be sure. Make sure your daily carry isn’t going to change over time and account for the number of card slots suited than that. 

What is a ‘High’ Number of cards?

When we think about wallets with a large number of card slots what does that really mean? Everyone’s going to have a definition of what constitutes a high number, based on their own individual experiences. While 5 card slots might be a lot for some people, for others, it might be 10 or even higher. Because of this, we’re going to create our own little definition and guidelines that each wallet we recommend on this list have to follow. This way, you’ll know exactly what we’re recommending with the required number of card slots needed to make this list. 

  • The Wallet must have at least 7 card slots.
  • The Wallet must be able to store at least 15 credit/debit cards.
  • The Wallet must be made from quality leather (no faux rubbish).
  • The Wallet must be a reasonable size (no travel/passport wallets)

Bellroy Folio Wallet

Bellroy is considered one of the most popular wallet brands in the world. First founded in 2010, they helped pave the way and redefine what a leather wallet is by creating wallets with design, finesse, and innovation in mind. Today, Bellroy produce much more than just wallets but their love of a good leather wallet lever dwindled. The wallet we recommend that can store a lot of cards is the Bellroy Folio Wallet

What makes the Folio Wallet great is its decent size, yet incredibly high capacity. With 10 individual card slots (which can store up to 16 Credit/Debit cards), 2 longer slots for banknotes, and 1 middle section for coins the wallet has great capacity. The Folio Wallet is also what’s known as a Zip-Around Wallet, so everything is self-contained, and protected from the elements for maximum security. Not only this, but you can also store your smartphone inside within an additional slot. 

Coming in at a price tag of $150.00 the Folio Wallet is by no means cheap. But Bellroy does things right. From the quality of leather, craftsmanship, and their amazing stance/efforts toward sustainability and ethical business practices, I say it’s worth it. For more information on the Bellroy Folio Wallet visit their official website using the link below. 


The Wonder Wallet

The Wonder Wallet is one of those ‘as seen on TV’ wallets you might expect to see on late-night TV. That aside, it actually has some value with its innovative design and amazing value for money being the cheapest wallet on this list. The Wonder Wallet works like a photo album or binder which has pages of plastic wallets each segmented to hold up to 4 cards. In total, The Wonder Wallet can store up to 24 cards, which again, is fantastic conjuring its smaller size and affordability.

The wallet is designed in a bi-fold style and covered in genuine leather on the outside. In terms of quality, I’m not the biggest fan of either its construction or choice of leather (genuine leather is actually one of the poorest quality leathers). But I can’t complain. Considering its affordable price tag coming in at just $16.00, they had to cut corners somehow. 

Overall, The Wonder Wallet is a joy to use. Its photo album style layout is very effective, which credit/debit cards being easily accessible at a moment’s notice. This wallet is best for someone who really only uses cards or has something else to store cash, as it doesn’t accommodate banknotes/coins at all (although you could store notes in one of the card slots quite easily. For more information on the Wonder Wallet check them out using the link below. 


The Ariat Rodeo Wallet

No list is complete without a good Rodeo Wallet to include. Along with the cowboy aesthetics and design, a Rodeo Wallet has developed into its own sub-category of wallet, using coming in the form of a large long/thin design. Because of its larger size, the Ariat’s Wallet has plenty of space for credit cards with 11 card slots allowing for storage of up to 24 cards. 

Included alongside this is a range of other storage features with 4 long card slots that can easily accommodate banknotes of any size, along with a checkbook, if that’s something you still carry around with you. The Specific wallet I’m referring to from Ariat, The Distressed Brown Checkbook Cover, has a very niche design that won’t be to everybody’s liking. 

That being said, to the right person, this wallet is absolutely beautiful. Its craftsmanship is unmatched while its quality is strong being made from full-grain distressed leather. The patternation and design on the front fit the cowboy/rodeo aesthetic perfectly with detailed etching on the front and Silver Circle Concho on the Front. Finally, at a price tag of $55.00, it’s highly affordable for the quality you get and a great pick for a wallet that holds a lot of cards. For more information on the Ariat wallet visit their official website using the link below. 


Oliver Co. Compact Wallet

Oliver Co. London is one of my favorite brands of the last few years. What makes them great, is they are paving the way for a more sustainable future, developing a wide range of wallets that all meet strict guidelines for ethics and sustainability – after all, they are a member of B-Corp. The wallet that recommends for a wallet that holds a lot of cards is their Compact Wallet.

The Compact Wallet is designed in a traditional bi-fold style with a wide array of card slots for easy storage of cards. In total, the wallet can store up to 8-12 credit/debit cards although I’ve found it can store more with a push. The two inner slots are meant for physical cash, but again, can be used for additional card slots if necessary. Outside the wallet also has a card slot acting as a quick access slot for your most-used cards – very handy. 

Material-wise, Oliver Co. likes to do things a little differently. Remember their sustainable practices? Well, each and every one of their wallets is made from Apple Leather. Yes, you read that right, A synthetic leather made from recycled Apple waste that would otherwise get thrown out. Not only this, but The Compact Wallet is highly stylish with a premium/luxury feel and design. 

Overall, I cannot recommend any of the Oliver Co. Wallet range highly enough. Doing your bit for the environment is one thing, but the sheer quality and design innovation of their range is second to none. The Compact Wallet comes in at a price tag of £65.00 with its premium counterpart slightly more expensive at £89.00. For more information on this wallet and Oliver Co’s full range check out their official website using the link below. 


Visconti Matteo Wallet

Finally, I wanted to end on a style of wallet that is slowly dying in popularity. Back before the invention of contactless cards, smart payments, and technology-infused payment systems, these types of wallets were all the rage as they simply allowed for immense levels of storage of credit/debit cards. Today, these styles of wallets are rare but the esteemed brand Visconti is keeping its legacy alive for those who still need ultimate storage capacity. 

The first thing to note, and to get our point across, is the sheer number of card slots this wallet really has. In total, it has 16 card slots split across its bi-fold style. This mean’s in total the wallet can easily store a minimum of 16 cards with a maximum of 32 cards in total (if you store two cards per slot which is possible). Other features include 2 inner long slots, and a classic full-width cash slot at the top for banknotes to lie flat. 

Its design is also very good being made from quality leather, and fine craftsmanship. The only downside to this wallet is its obvious size coming in at 11cm x 13cm. You’ll definitely need to consider the best way to carry this wallet where a pocket is most likely not big enough – just something to keep in mind. Visconti has also brought this wallet into the modern age with RFID Protection as standard. 

Overall, the Visconti Jacket Wallet is a fantastic and possibly the ultimate choice for ultimate card storage. And at just £34.99 (around $40.00) it’s highly affordable and a wallet that will last a long time with proper care. For more information on Visconti and their full range of wallets check out their official website using the link below.


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