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Another player in the NFC Business Card game. As the popularity of these cards soar we check out another the Tapzo Business Card. How well does it stand against the competition?

The world of NFC Business Cards is growing widely and in the last year, we’ve seen hundreds of different companies set up shop offering their take on the smart business card. If you’re unaware, a so-called NFC Business Card is a technologically infused business card that doesn’t require you to walk aimlessly with a stack of paper cards. Instead, it utilises NFC (Near Field Communication), standard on most smartphones, to allow you to transfer information instantaneously from device to device. A simple tap of your card allows you to transfer data whether it be your name, email address or social platforms to a potential client with a simple tap of your card. 

Today we’re going to take a look at one of these newer NFC Companies – The Tapzo Business Card. Like most on the market, this company offers you a range of features from card customisation, an online portal for tracking analyses and an affordable and sustainable opportunity to dump to stack of traditional business cards at jump into the 21st century. Let’s take a deep dive into what the Tapzo Card can offer you and put it against the other NFC Cards on the market today. 

What Features does the Tapzo Card have?

The Tapoz Card offers basic features when it comes to tracking and analysing those who scan your card and provides a great system for profile customisation. The platform itself is easy to use and can be set up in as little as a few clicks. One unique aspect of Tapzo is its dual system for accessing, tracking and editing your information. While most NFC Businesses opt for either online-only or app-based set-up, Tapzo utilises the best of both worlds where you can either access information through their website or their dedicated app available on both IOS and Android

When compared to other NFC Platforms, the Tapzo is a little bare-boned when it comes to analytics and features. When logged into the portal you’re only able to track profile views, those who have viewed your Tapzo landing page, and Contact downloads (Those who have downloaded your information and saved it to their device). It does give a nice timeline of views/visitors over time, but only for one month meaning any retrospective data is lost. 

Tapzo also doesn’t provide any information on when or where the contact was made (location for example) making it only good for basic analytics. If you’re a business, Tapzo probably wouldn’t be sufficient, as Tapzo doesn’t have any cross-integration with additional cards for multiple employees (although they do offer discounts for multiple card purchases). In our opinion, Tapzo is best for individuals. 


The Tapzo Dashboard – including analytics. It’s a little annoying you have to pay to remove the Tapzo branding – isn’t it?

Tapzo Card Set-Up & Real-World Testing

One fantastic aspect of the Tapzo card is its easy set-up and speed. Many of these NFC Companies rushed to market and it shows with slow laggy platforms and slow updates of information to and from the system. The set-up process from purchase to activation is seamless and I found myself ready to use my card from unboxing in as little as 10 minutes. Again, this can be achieved either through the Tapzo website or smartphone app which means I have everything I need wherever I am across the world. 

The Tapzo card and initial setup was very easy to do and Tapzo laid everything out nicely in a physical guide shipped with every card. Out of all the NFC Cards I’ve used Tapzo was one of the best in terms of its quickness and responsiveness when transmitting data. As previously said, all of these Smart Business Cards utilise NFC which once tapped on a device (smartphone or tablet) will automatically open a website page linked to your Tapzo account. In my testing, Tapzo performed 20% quicker than other cards at a similar price point – amazing stuff!


How much does the Tapzo Cost?

One of the biggest factors in purchasing an NFC Business Card is its price. This is because there seems to be a huge disparity between different companies and their prices. Some companies charge a nominal fee for your card and provide free access to their platform. Others charge less but force you to buy into a monthly contract. Personally speaking, we live in a subscription-heavy world and I much prefer to purchase one card and not incur any additional fees. Luckily Tapzo offer just this. One fee depends on the exact type of card you want to buy and you’re done. Prices start a $25.00 for their Standard Plastic Card and range up to $42.00 for their Premium Wood Card

In terms of its pricing compared to other cards the Tapzo is smack bang in the middle. It isn’t the most affordable option on the market, but it isn’t the most expensive. You can also purchase Tapzo Smart Stickers, in a pack of 6, for an even smaller price of just $13.00. Great for those on a budget. Below are the costs of other popular NFC Cards on the market.

  • OVOU Card: $79.99+
  • V1CE Card: $50.00+
  • Mobilo Card: $19.50+
  • POPL Card: $9.50+

Tapzo Card Design & Customisation

Another huge part of NFC Business Cards is their ability to be customized. After all, traditional paper cards can be designed to any specification you’d like, and if you’re planning on swapping, you’d want to same customisation options. In total, Tapzo offers 4 different cards to choose from. The cheapest options are non-customisable meaning you can’t change anything about the cards only being able to choose from 2 materials – wood or plastic. The other more expensive options are where personalisation comes into play. This allows you to get a custom design or logo engraved directly onto the card. This option is available in either plastic or Wood. 

The customization options available are pretty lacking when compared to other cards on the market. I also didn’t like how users have to design their cards using Tapzo’s template which can be downloaded and used in either Photoshop or Illustrator. These programs aren’t exactly user-friendly and I can imagine most people don’t know how to use them – even if they had the software installed in the first place. I’d prefer a system where users can customize their cards directly from the website – an on-page editor – but this is simply something Tapzo does not offer. 


Is the Tapzo NFC Card Worth It?

Tapzo is a good platform with basic analytical capabilities and great responsiveness. But overall, the platform is a little bare-boned when compared to many of the other companies on the market today. It could be a case where additional features are on the way, but at present, I can’t see the value incentive of going with Tapzo when other alternatives offer a better experience, whether it is its analytics or customization options. Tapzo needs to make customising cards more accessible to the masses and improve its analytics beyond just tracking clicks and downloads. 

Overall, I’d recommend checking out our comprehensive guide on the Best NFC Business Cards here, or hold off until Tapzo improves its system adding many of the features seen by other companies on the market. They could also benefit from improving the way people customise their cards as it is currently not customer-friendly compared to other platforms.

Our Verdict

  • Design
  • Features
  • Usability
  • Value



I desperately wanted to like the Tapzo card. It is fast with a platform that just works! But it falls short at its abilities and features when compared to other NFC Cards on the market. Hopefully, they can integrate new features soon and then they’ll be a true contender in the market.


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