TORRO Bifold Wallet Review

[Buyers Guide 2022]

TORRO is an increasingly popular brand based in the United Kingdom. Among other things, they’re best known for their array of everyday accessories including but not limited to phone cases, bags, and of course men’s wallets. Today we’re going to be checking out one of their most popular wallets – The TORRO Leather Bifold. This traditional style leather wallet is available in a whole host of color options, has a great level of capacity/storage, and is even customizable with a Monogram. Let’s dig in to see what potentially this wallet could offer you.

Design & Functionality

The TORRO Wallet capitalizes on the popularity of the traditional bi-fold style wallet. As the name suggests Bi-fold wallets split in the middle and can be folded in half to create a more compact and easier to carry size. Bifolds themselves have been one of the most popular styles of wallets for over 100 years and they continually dominate the wallet market. 

The TORRO Wallet itself does a great job of maximizing space in a smaller more compact-sized wallet. It’s not the smallest wallet we’ve ever reviewed, but coming in at just 10.6 x 8.5 x 1.2 cm it retains a good size, so it’s comfortable in the pocket, with a good level of storage for both cash and cards. In terms of capacity, the TORRO Bifold itself is roomy split up into 5 individual card slots with a max capacity around 5 – 8 cards. Like most bifolds, the TORRO also includes a long full-width slot for storing banknotes/bills flat for easy access. 


One of the biggest caveats of the TORRO Wallet was its uncertainty and lack of clarity on the type of leather it’s made from. All TORRO provide on their product page is the fact the wallet is handcrafted from Genuine Cowhide Leather. My first issue is so-called Genuine Leather, contrary to popular belief, is actually one of the worst grades of leather in terms of quality. This, and the fact we have no information as to the tannery in which the leather was sourced does concern me as I can’t make a true judgment regarding the too quality and potential longevity of the wallet in question. 

Customization is a welcomed addition to the TORRO Bi-fold and they provide an eclectic array of different color offerings including black, red, and both dark and light shades of brown. Not only this, but TORRO also allows for further personalization in the form of a Monogram. This allows for up to 3 characters (and 2 full stops) to be embedded into the wallet perfect for a gift.


Final Verdict

At a price tag of £44.99 (around $56.00), the TORRO Bifold Wallet is well priced in a competitive marketplace. Overall, I found the wallet-pleasant to use although no different from many of the hundreds of other bi-fold wallets that are available. The wallet didn’t offer much in terms of uniqueness or innovation nor did it blow my mind in terms of quality. That being said, its range of unique colors and optional Monogram services are great and something not often found by many wallet brands. For more information on the TORRO Bifold Wallet check out their official website using the link below.


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