Starhide Wallet Review

A Very Traditional Range of Wallets

Starhide is a brand from the UK that sells a wide range of leather goods including purses, bags, and of course wallets. If I were to sum up the Starhide range of wallets in one word it would be ‘basic’. The wallets are very traditional in design, all resembling large leather bi-fold wallets that your dad or even grandad probably carries with them. This isn’t inherently bad, don’t get wrong, but these types of wallets are a dime a dozen in an already saturated market. I could show you hundreds of similar bifolds each not so dissimilar to the next. They’re just not unique and have nothing 

Another positive is the wallets are fairly cheap in price. But that also comes with a hindrance in quality. The wallets themselves are all only made from (Nappa) genuine leather and I wasn’t too impressed with the overall craftsmanship (definitely not handmade). Contrary to popular belief, and its name, Genuine Leather is actually one of the worst quality leathers on the market and is generally considered the worst.

These wallets aren’t the highest quality or the best looking. But what they provide is some amazing versatility in what they can store. Their standard bi-fold, coming in at £24.99, can store many cards, has a removable passcase, ID Card slot, coin slot, you name it, it probably has it. I can recommend this wallet to people who need large amounts of space and want to sacrifice quality to do so. For more information on the Starhide range of wallets check them out using the link below. 

  • Functionality 75% 75%
  • Design 40% 40%
  • Price 55% 55%



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