Quiksilver Anchor Wallet Review

A Cheap Bifold with Passcase Features

Quiksilver is a large apparel and clothes manufacturer with a goal of creating functional and art inspired clothing for mountain and ocean lovers across the world. Because of this, each apparel item has a certain aesthetic that appeals to people who love these outdoor activities whether you’re a rock climber or a surfer. 

The wallet we’re going to be reviewing today is the Quiksilver Anchor Wallet. This bi-fold inspired wallet is a very affordable take on the traditional wallet and provides a variety of unique features including a zip coin slot, an internal ID Slot, and a full-width card slot for banknotes. The Anchor Wallet can also be considered a Passcase Wallet. For those who don’t know Passcase Wallets are those that have an additional internal flap that can be moved across the middle of the wallet almost like turning the page in a book. The capacity for credit/debit cards is also good with a max storage of up to 8-14 cards. Overall, the functionality of the wallet is great and that can be attributed to its larger size and great layout. 

Now onto the bad, the material of the Anchor Wallet is 100% Polyurethane or fake faux leather as it’s more commonly known. This gives the wallet a really cheap feel to it, and it’s clear on the initial unboxing that it feels plasticky in the hand. Because of this, I have serious doubts regarding the longevity and durability of this wallet, especially considering the Quiksilver brand is more likely to be attracting those who partake in more extreme sports/activities. These activities are likely to put any wallet through its paces in terms of durability which doesn’t bode well for the wallet.

Coming in at a price tag of only $24.00 (currently on offer at $17.99) the Quiksilver Anchor Wallet is a very basic and affordable wallet. While the wallet has great functionality I can’t get over its poor choice of materials. The reason this wallet is so cheap is due to its build quality so make sure you know what to expect when purchasing it. But for what it is, a fairly attractive bi-fold with ample functionality, you can do a lot worse. For more information on the Anchor Wallet by Quiksilver check out their official website using the link below. 

  • Functionality 77% 77%
  • Design 55% 55%
  • Price 75% 75%


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