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The Pyro Wallet, also known as the Fire Wallet, is like no other wallet I’ve reviewed before. I’ve definitely said that before in other articles, but in all honestly, it probably wasn’t true. The Pyro wallet on the other hand is one of a kind, a wallet especially engineering for one purpose – Magic. Now I’m not coming into this with any sort of advanced magic experience. The last time I was into magic was nearly a decade ago where I got fairly decent at many card tricks and flourishes especially. Now, I simply collect Playing Cards as a hobby as my fingers don’t seem to want to cooperate as much as they used to. 

So what’s the exact purpose of the Pyro Wallet. In essence, the wallet enables you to pull out a business card, banknote, or playing card and have it spontaneously combust bursting into flames. The video below showcases just how incredible it is to see this in person, and it’s a fantastic addition to any magician’s arsenal of tricks to have ready at hand. This article is obviously aimed at magicians, but I have no doubt others will find the prospects of what this wallet can do too fun to refuse. The wallet in itself is a great conversation starter and you could have a lot of fun with it regardless if you’re a professional Magician or not. 

How to Pyro Wallet Works

You might have the impression that it takes some super technical advancements to light a dollar bill or business card at will, but the guys at Pyro wallet have done a fantastic job of developing a compact internal mechanism that isn’t too bulky or gives away the fact this isn’t like a normal wallet. It works with something Pyro Wallet dub the ‘Arc Spark’. These small metal probes, which slightly extend outside of one of the wallet card slots, provides the necessary tool to create the spark that will create the desired flame and fire effect. This ignition coil is thinner and much more compact than the previous Pyro Wallet (version 1) and helps keep the wallet uniform in size, compact more like a normal-looking wallet. 

The On/Off switch is cleverly placed on the inside and is designed to be located in a place where your hand naturally rests when holding the wallet. This is labeled with the large print of ‘On/Off’ which is a little annoying. Hopefully, viewers aren’t looking too closely at the wallet as to give away it’s not a normal wallet. I would have liked a smaller symbol, or something a little less obtuse to represent where the switch to activate the Fire effect is. 

Finally, The wallet doesn’t need any replacement batteries and is completely charged using a rechargeable battery charged using USB. Charing when on the move is incredibly easy and the battery capacity is really high. It found the Pyro Wallet can achieve hundreds of uses before the need to recharge.  Although I’m not a magician, the wallet was incredibly easy to use. There really requires not technical skills, or sleight of hand, involved in simply igniting the device and anyone could do it without any previous experience in Magic.


Look & Design

The wallet itself isn’t exactly the most attractive or well built for that matter. This isn’t to take anything away from the magic trick itself, but reviewing the wallet impartially from craftsmanship and general attractiveness the wallet does lack. The Pyro Wallet is made from Faux Leather, which to those leather connoisseurs, is a poor quality grain and one that isn’t high on the leather grade spectrum. The wallet also has quite an unattractive shine to it, that in my opinion, looks cheap and tacky and is caused by whatever finish the wallet has (perhaps it’s deliberate to create fire resistance?). The stitching and general craftsmanship are quite poor, the leather’s edges are quite wobbly (not straight) which some of the stitching is uneven and not uniform in nature. 

None of these things is a big issue. At the end of the day, this wallet is made to serve a very niche and specific purpose. Nevertheless, these issues need to be addressed. This wallet is probably going to take quite a lot of stress and strain, in daily use, compared to most wallets, and poorer quality leather’s, like Faux Leather, aren’t renowned for having a long-lasting life span and could easily degrade over time rendering the wallet useless. Just something to keep in mind. 


Functionality & Utility 

If you plan to use this wallet for its intended purpose, for tricks, then it might be easier just to use this wallet as your daily carry preventing the need to carry multiple wallets with you when out and about. Because of this, we’re now going to take a look at the Pyro Wallet’s overall functionality and capacity for storage, along with how easy it is to access any of these items at ease on a daily basis. 

A lot of what this wallet offers in terms of functionality is to help with the use of magic tricks. One large compartment on the left-hand side is used as dedicated storage of business cards (you could also store credit/debit cards if you wish). This is done to keep as many ‘backup cards’ as possible, so you won’t run out of cards to ignite into flames when the time comes. This enables the storage of enough business cards so you won’t need to restock for up to 25 uses. 

In total the wallet has 4 more additional card slots (for a total of 5) for storage of up to 10 credit/debit cards and a decent amount of cash. One of these slots is the one you’d need to keep free for the Fire trick to work, but it can be used as a normal card slot if you so wish. The functionality, in general, is absolutely fine. The Pyro wallet isn’t trying to revolutionize the wallet industry with its storage needs and for most people, the Pyro Wallet is absolutely fine in this regard.


Final Verdict

Coming in at a price tag of around $69.95, the price of the Pyro Fire Wallet is highly affordable to most and considering the niche and intricate nature of how the wallets build, I was very surprised it wasn’t more expensive and more often than not normal wallets will set you back financially more than this. Overall, the Pyro Wallet is a fantastic bit of engineering. Its main function, as a Magician’s wallet, is fantastic. The Fire lights every time, and I’ve had no trouble amazing everyone I’ve ever shown the trick/wallet to. For more information on the Pyro Wallet check out The ellusionist official website using the link below. 


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