The Pioneer Flyfold Wallet Review

If you’ve stumbled across this review then you’re probably curious about the Pioneer Flyfold and their bold claims that their unusual and unique material is the best you can get and far better – as they quote – than leather. When I first saw discovered the wallet I too was quite sceptical as I couldn’t help but wonder why it took until 2019 for a wallet manufacturer to try a material different from the norm. 

Nevertheless, I went into the testing phase of the wallet with open hands and I must say I’ve never looked back. The Pioneer Flyfold wallet is by far one of the most innovative and pleasurable wallets I’ve used and I’ll put that down to the very material they use. Let’s take a look in detail at what the Pioneer Flowfold has to offer.

Look & Design

The main reason why you’d consider the Pioneer wallet is due to its material. When you purchase the Pioneer you have the option of choosing from two materials both with unusual names. For the sake of this review, I’m only going to be able to review the 10XD material (as it’s the only one I’ve tried) but the other option – 3PN – looks just as innovative.

10XD Material

The 10XD Material can only be described as a plastic-like material. It feels almost like carbon fibre to the hand but the looser material gives the appearance of paper or plastic wrapping. This isn’t a negative. The Flowfold is a really attractive wallet. The crosshatched design printed all over the wallet looks nice to me and the unusual range of colours adds to the brand’s unique charm.

‘10 times stronger than steel, this ultra-high-molecular-weight-polyethylene is our premium technical offering. A smooth DWR finish repels dirt and water keeping your wallet in like-new condition for years’ – Pioneer

Functionality & Utility 

The wallet is very standard in its range of features and doesn’t offer much more than what you’d expect from any standard bi-fold wallet. The Pioneer can hold between 4 – 10 cards and has a full-length note slot for your bills. I found the wallet is best at around 6 cards in the capacity of any more than this and the wallet begins to bulk out. 

The wallet is also waterproof and machine washable for all conditions. This is an amazing feature as I find myself in situations all the time where I wish I could wash many of the wallets I receive (but I’m too scared too). I did a few tests where I deliberately got the Flyfold dirty. With a hot wash, the thing cleaned up nicely and dried even faster. This wallet would probably be best for those people who enjoy situations where a wallet could get dirty (like camping or hiking). 

Finally, the wallet also has the option to come with RFID protection (only available in the Onyx colour though). For those who don’t know this is a security measure integrated within your wallet which prevents contactless fraud. It’s a nice feature to have but not a necessary one in my opinion.

Final Verdict

The Pioneer Flyfold is innovative at its best. The 10XD material is one of the best I’ve used on a wallet and definitely outperforms leather in terms of its functionality. Coming in at a price of $75.00 ($85.00 for the RFID version) the wallet is teetering on the more expensive side of the wallet spectrum. For more information on the Pioneer Flyfold check out their website by clicking the link below.


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