Herschel Charlie Wallet Review

Style Meets Minimalism

Herschel is a highly popular brand known most for creating an array of clothing, travel gear and a range of apparel including wallets. Founded in 2009 Herschel are now one of the most sort after and respecrted clothing brands aimed at creating timeless products with fine regard for detail. Today, we’re going to be looking at one of the most popular wallets in the Herschel range – The Charlie Wallet. 

In design the Herschel Charlie Wallet is an ultra-thin, slim wallet in a cardholder style design. Best suited for minimalist lovers, and those who want to carry less, the Charlie wallet comes in at just  3″(H) x 4″(W) with only being a few minimetres thick. With 5 total card pockets located on both sides of the wallet, the Charlie has a decent capacity considering its small size of between 4 – 8 cards (max 3 cards per slot). It’s other slightly larger slot, located at the top, is designed for easy storage of banknotes folded up.

Made from a thick nylon material the Herschel Charlie wallet is very strong and durable. This material has many advantages including its ability to easily be washed, and the range designs (more than this later) for ultimate custrimsation. The only downside to the material is it’s texture and overall feel. The Charlie wallet doesn’t give off a high quality feel, like leather does, its overly light and generally has a rough corse feel in the hand. 

Overall, the Herschel Charlie Wallet is a fine example of an attractive minimalist wallet on a budget. The wallet works as well as any wallet should, and its range of designs make it unique as they are creative. This along with the fact its highly affordable for most people starting at $21.99 – $39.99 (the change in price is based on design and materials) makes it a easy pick for most people. For more information on the Charlie Wallet check out Herschel’s official website by clicking the link below.

  • Functionality 65% 65%
  • Design 80% 80%
  • Price 78% 78%



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