The Groove Wallet Review

Is this the Future of Wallet Design?

I don’t often write dedicated articles regarding Kickstarter Wallets, I usually leave that to my monthly round-ups. But every so often a wallet comes along that has the potential to change the game. One that has innovated beyond what’s currently available on the market so that, in my mind, requires an article all in itself to talk, discuss and review the potential of a new wallet game changer – This is The Groove Wallet.

The numbers speak for themselves. The Groove Wallet is by far the most successful wallet on Kickstarter for a number of years. It took just days for it to reach its crowdfunding goal of $30,000 and has since become the most crowdfunded wallet on Kickstarter this year having secured over $250,000 in capital with over 4,000 keen backers. Although I don’t yet have the wallet myself, this article is more going to be an informational piece looking at the Groove Wallet itself, its design, functionality, and what’s made it the most successful Kickstarter wallet in years. 

The State of Men’s Wallets

I think it pays to explain a little bit about the current state of men’s wallets in 2021. The 2010s was an exciting period of innovation in the men’s wallet space. Brands such as Ridge changed the game developing what we now know as the minimalist wallet and using previously unheard-of materials like metal and carbon fiber. Ekster and Secrid both developed their own array of pop-up wallets that have become a standard today each becoming some of the most successful wallet brands set up in the last decade.

But since these brands cemented themselves as top players, so far, since then, the 2020s has seen a stark decline in innovation and creativity in both wallet design and functionality, with, if anything, the industry regressing to more traditional wallet types with classic bi-fold and leather wallets taking the rains once again. 

The decade is young sure, and the stifling of innovation has probably been, in part, caused by Covid. But considering the hundreds of wallets I’ve personally reviewed over the past 2 years, it’s clear to see that what the Groove Wallet offers is a cut above the rest. Have they really developed something this good? Let’s check it out.


What is the Groove Wallet?

The Groove Wallet takes many popular wallet designs available today, improves on them, and creates a wallet that takes the best aspects of other many different wallets on the market today.

The most notable aspect of the Groove Wallet is it takes inspiration from the popularity of Pop-Up Wallets. For those who don’t know, pop-up or cascading card wallets are a type of wallet that uses a metal shell / internal mechanism, with a lever, the push your credit/debit cards outwards fanning them in an easy to access way. Like these wallets, The Groove Wallet achieves a similar style when it comes to storing and accessing your cards. The biggest difference is how it goes about achieving this (which we’ll discuss more later)! 

Then onto its general design and aesthetics. As we as a society move away from traditional forms of payments (mainly banknotes and coins) wallets have generally become smaller in size as we tend to carry less with us. This evolution has created many wallets with more simplistic or minimalist designs. The Groove Wallet is a fine example of this style of design with the wallet resembling ‘a little black box’, something no larger than a standard credit/debit card that can fit seamlessly in a front or back pocket – perfect for the modern everyday man.


Look & Design

Let’s get into the technical specifications of the wallet as they’re impressive from the get-go. As previously mentioned the wallet is designed in a case style, with the Groove Wallet resembling a rectangular square box and coming in at a minimalist size of 98.60 mm x 62.98 mm x 8.38 mm. This size is perfect for those who want something non-intrusive to carry with them as, from my experience, wallets of this size can’t be felt in your pocket and also help amongst back/spine issues that have been proven to cause medical issues over time (read more on this here). 

Along with this, the Groove Wallet’s choice of material is top-notch being fully made from a 6063 Aerospace Grade Aluminum with a premium anodized finish. Aluminum is a popular choice of material in many wallet designs today as it provides a great compromise between price (it’s highly affordable), durability (strong and longlasting), and lightweight. Not only this but it’s a highly attractive metal and the anodized finish on the Groove provides a smooth matte finish that gives a luxurious look and feel. 


Functionality & Utility

At its core, the Groove Wallet is made for those who tend to carry less with them on a daily basis. The wallet is small in size making its max capacity, of up to 6 credit/debit cards, perfect for many but probably not enough for those with many different types of cards and a lot of cash. On the reverse side of the Groove is a money clip, made from the same 6063 Aerospace Grade Aluminum, and provides an easy way to store your cash in a secure and easy to access way. 

Now onto the main selling point of the wallet – the amazing pop-up mechanism. Unlike traditional pop-up wallets, that use a lever, the Groove Wallet uses a new and innovative sliding mechanism. A simple swipe upwards on any part of the front of the wallet will active the mechanism with the face (front panel) moving forward releasing your cards outwards cascading them for easy access. 

This mechanism is definitely better than what you can currently find in other pop-up wallets. First of all, it’s done in a way that doesn’t use any so-called ‘gimmicky levers’. Groove mention that ‘Other wallets have an awkward lever or button that requires an uncomfortable finger motion to activate’. It’s hard not to disagree with them and often time these levers simply look unattractive as well and take away from the overall design of the wallet. 

Secondly, the Groove eliminates the problem of cards not being entirely secured in the wallet or falling out. With the Groove Wallet, a mechanical card arm keeps cards secure and prevents them from becoming loose/auto-ejecting themselves from the wallet. The wallet essentially ‘hugs’ the cards in place when not in use creating a barrier that prevents any cards from ever being able to fall out – a very awesome design. 


Final Verdict

As the Groove Wallet is currently being funded through Kickstarter, you can get your hands on one for the discounted price of $59.00 (which is 40% Off its RRP). Other Kickstarter rewards include purchasing multiples of the Groove Wallet where you can get even greater discounts all the way up to 55% of the wallet’s eventual Retail price. 

Overall, I really can’t find a bad thing to say regarding the Groove Wallet. It simply looks fantastic, and whether you’re a fan of attractive minimalist design, or simply want a wallet that provides easy access to your cards, the Groove Wallet has a little bit of everything for everyone. I personally can’t wait to get my hands on and test it out in person, but as far as I’m concerned, the folks at Groove Life already have me convinced. For more information on The Groove Wallet check out their Kickstarter crowdfunding page using the link below. 


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