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The Doodletogs Personalised Wallet Review

If you are looking for wallets with personality and identify then a Doddletogs wallet may be for you. What makes the Doodletog wallets stand out is the fact that each one is personalized with a design of your choice. I’ve personally never been a fan of wallets with printed on designs but I made a special except with Doodletogs as the price was very affordable and the print quality looks fantastic. Let’s look into a bit more detail regarding what this customizable wallet is all about.

As a company, Doodltogs don’t just specialize in wallets. In fact, they’re a printing company so I had my doubts about the quality of the wallet itself from a material point of view. Nevertheless, I bit the bullet and purchased one. 

Created with 100% polyester, these contemporary custom wallets provide great resistance to abrasion and the perfect HD Sublimation printing surface for your stunning designs. Featuring both front and rear decoration panels, multiple interior card slots, and notes sleeve, all that’s left is your custom designs to ensure you splash your cash in style’.

Look & Design

It’s no surprise​when you visit their website, the entire site is based on customization and from a wallet perspective is totally unique. In the past when I’ve had custom designed and printed items (such as shirts and mugs) the quality is always very poor.This wasn’t the case with Doodletogs and when the wallet arrived I was more than happy with the quality of the print. The colors were crisp, clean and did the original artwork justice.

The design process is very simple and intuitive and seamless from uploading my image to ordering the wallet. Unfortunately, that’s where the good points end. As it goes, the wallet itself – functioning as a wallet – is very poor. The quality of the materials used is poor (made from a rough feeling microfiber yarn) and the stitching is satisfactory at best. I really couldn’t see this wallet lasting more than a year and I think this is reflected in the cheaper price. 

Functionality & Utility 

As mentioned, the major downfall of this wallet is, unfortunately, the wallet itself. Functioning as an actual wallet it lacks many standard features compared to others in the industry and replicates a typical bifold since the dawn of time (the wallet your dad probably carried with him). I’m not saying this is bad in any way.

It can hold up to 7 cards with room for cash. One weird thing about this wallet is once opened the right side only has room for two cards (one card slot). This seems like a design flaw as it wouldn’t be too difficult for both sides to be symmetrical for added storage capacity. 

Final Verdict

This wallet is great from a customization price point. I like the idea of being able to create a design completely unique to me and at a great price of only £14.99 (around $20.00). But I just can’t justify recommending this wallet for any other reason. This wallet isn’t built to last and the quality of the materials and build is clearly indicative of its price. 

For more information on the Doodletogs wallet check out their website – mockup and design yourself even – by clicking the link below.


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