Benjamin Bott Wallet Review

The Premium Frankengull Bifold

Since 2011 Benjamin Bott has been producing a wide variety of premium leather wallets with a unique twist thanks to their use of unusual color combinations and designs. As a bespoke leathercraft company with Benjamin Bott himself (that’s actually his middle name) physically making every product, to order himself. The wallet we’ll be reviewing today is their Frankengull wallet, a classically and traditionally styled bifold wallet – let’s dive in. 

The first thing to note is how good of quality any wallet made by Benjamin Bott is. As an individual making all the wallets himself, you can really see the detail and craftsmanship that goes into every wallet that is made. The Frankengull wallet itself is made with a combination of Horween Dublin leather and Russet Harness from Wickett & Craig, two highly respected and well known tanneries. I can’t fault the quality. It has a premium feel in the hand, the stitching is perfect and leather has a wonderful smell to it. Benjamin also has a range of customization options for those who want a little more personalization. This includes free custom monogramming (of up to 3 characters), but can also include a completely bespoke experience where you can choose to pick the colors you want with a wide variety of options available. 

The functionality of the Fankengull wallet is probably where the wallet gets a little less impressive. First of all, the Wallet isn’t exactly small, and when reviewing its total capacity for cash and cards, much larger than it should be for what it can hold (comes in at 107mm x 165mm). In total, the Benjamin Bott Wallet has 2 dedicated card slots that can fit around 2-3 cards in each (4-6 total). Due to the high-quality nature of the leather, the slots are very tight and need breaking in overtime before cards fit comfortably. The final addition is a strip of leather that is sized to fit and accommodate banknote storage (cash folded) which can storge a good number of bills easily. 

Overall, I was very impressed by the Benjamin Bott Frankengull Wallet. Although the wallet’s potential storage might not meet everyone’s needs, I found it sufficient for myself and given the quality of the wallet I have nothing negative to say about the wallet. Considering the handmade nature of each wallet from Benjamin Bott, the price tag of each wallet is very low. For example, the Frankengull Wallet comes in a just $105.00, which compared to others who sell bespoke wallets is very cheap. For more information on this wallet check out their official website using the link below. 

  • Functionality 60% 60%
  • Design 90% 90%
  • Price 85% 85%


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