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Let your customers know that support your brand and have given your wallet a fantastic review. Showcase one of the images below – based on the rating we have your wallet – to help build credibility and help increase sales. It’s that simple.


Build Credibility

Credibility is important in any business. As the top review site, solely dedicated to wallets you can build trust.

Increase Sales

Our reviews are detailed and trustworthy. Let your customers know that you can trust the wallet they want to buy. 

Stay Relevant

Selling wallets is a competitive business. Our widget helps separate you from the competition.

Simply right-click on the image you want and copy the URL. You can then paste this into the location of your website to display this image on your website. If you wish you can also include the link to your wallet article/review. This’ll allow people to read up on what we personally think of your wallet. Read our FAQ below for information on whether you qualify as a ‘recommend’ wallet by

Understadning our credibility score & rating

As the No.1 review site and trusted domain entirely dedicated to men’s wallets we’ve developed a way for brands to showcase we recommend their wallets to prospective buyers. 

Over the last 3 years, we’ve developed a system where we assign a score from 1/100 for each brand. Depending on this score, will determine the corresponding banner or trophy (gold, silver, or bronze) that you can use to your liking whether it be through the use of our embeddable trophy image (see below) or through promotional through social media.

90+ percent equals the gold badge, 80-90% equals the Silver Badge, while our lowest (but not the worst) equals a rating of 70-79%. Any wallet reviewed and rated below 70% does not qualify to use any of the three badge images. 

Where to use our trophy badge

If you’ve figured out you’re entitled to use any of the above trophy/badge images then congratulations! The idea behind the images is to help build trust with potential buyers of your wallet and boost your social proof.

On Your Website: 

Social media:

– Email Marketing:

How we rate your wallets

Our reviews are built upon trust and authenticity and that is reflected in every wallet we review. When we purchase or receive a wallet we use them in daily life for anywhere between 2 – 4 weeks before we come to a final verdict and conclusion as to how good we feel the wallet is. Our reviews are based upon, but not limited to, any of the following metrics:

Functionality &  Capacity:

Design & Innovation: 

Quality and control:


Value for money:

Need more information?

Not sure if you qualify to use any of our badges? Have we yet to review your wallet? Don’t worry, simply get in touch with us at and we’ll help you with any additional information you need. If you’d like us to review your wallet we can also provide more information on this process. 


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