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Eel Skin Leather isn’t most people’s first choice when it comes to a material used in men’s wallets. Nevertheless, if you’ve found yourself reading this article, it’s assumed, that you know the benefits of such an exotic choice of leather and the beautiful distinctive look of it when used in leather goods. Eel skin isn’t just beautiful in appearance, but also offers a host of advantages which we’ll talk about further down in this article.

Eel Skin is what I’d consider quite a rare type of leather and because of this, the choices available on the market are quite limited. I searched long and hard to develop a good array of Eel Skin Wallets to try and test out for myself and found it very difficult to even find a good array to review in the first place, That being said, I wasn’t unsuccessful. Below you’ll find our top picks for the best Eel Skin Wallets on the market today. 


A Brief History of Eel Skin Leather

Contrary to popular belief Eel Skin doesn’t actually come from Eels but from the Pacific Hagfish a jawless eel-like looking animal that resides in the Pacific Ocean near the ocean floor (as shown by this scary monther fucker above). The Pacific hagfish occurs in the Eastern North Pacific from Canada to Mexico. It inhabits fine silt and clay bottoms on the continental shelves and upper slopes at depths. This is where it’s fished for use in leathercraft and is also known as yuppie leather. Finally, according to Greek mythology eel skin brings good luck and health. Another reason for Eel skin’s popularity.

Eel Skin has been prone to many Myths over the years, mainly the rumor of its ability to demagnetize credit or debit cards. First, of all, this is a complete and utter lie and a myth that has been proven false many times over. The case and point for this rumor is said to have been caused by the residual charge in the skin of electric eels. First of all, Eclectic eels themselves are not commonly used in the manufacturer of leather goods. Not only this but after the tanning process of the leather, any supposed reminisce of residual charge just wouldn’t remain. And let’s not forget, eel skin doesn’t actually come from elastic eels, but the Pacific hagfish we discussed earlier.


How Good is Eel Skin Leather?

(it look like hardwood floor doesn’t it?)

Eel skin is a very unusual material when it comes to its properties and uses in Leathercraft. It’s often defined as highly soft, flexible, and can stretch too far greater lengths than most traditional leathers. Eel skin leather is 150 times stronger than a typical cow yet can still retain the same thickness. This provides fantastic durability and strength for a long-lasting, wallet, that if made correctly could easily last you a lifetime. This also includes a natural resistance to water, as you’d expect, from an animal that lives in the sea. 

Most often or not you’ll see eel skin leather wallets, with an immense shine. This is due to the skin of the email that has a natural and luxurious appearance. This has led to eel skin leather being used more often than not, by designer brands who want that premium finish. Eel Skin wallets also tend to come in a huge variety of different colors, with black, being the most common. Many find that dyeing the leather to more exotic colorations, including the likes of red, blue, and orange, combined with the eel skin’s natural shine, provides a fantastic look.

Yoder Eel Skin Wallet

The Yoder the company or one I’m quite familiar with and does a fantastic job of creating a wonderful range of wallets in a variety of exotic leathers. Their eel skin black bifold is just one example of this and is a fantastic example of an eel skin wallet, handcrafted in northern Indiana. In a traditional bifold style, the eel skin bifold has a premium look and feel with a fantastic shine that is one of eel skin’s most notable qualities. 

In total it has 8 credit card slots for a total of between 12 and 14 credit or debit cards, and the full-length card, banknote slot for bills to lie flat. Being handcrafted in nature. The wallet also offers a personalized monogram for an additional $15.00 where you can get your initials or some text printed on the surface of the wallet. Coming in at a price tag of $64.99, it’s a highly affordable wallet, and provides all the advantages of your skin, leather, that you desire. For more information on the Yoda leather, eel skin wallet check out their official website using the link below.


Pratten Eel Wallet

Although resembling more of a women’s purse, The Pratten eel skin standard wallet is a great example of leather craftsmanship, using eel skin. Its design is in a long wallet design and is best suited for people who are looking for a huge variety of different storage options thanks to its large capacity for cash cards and coins. One of the most distinctive offerings of Pratten is its huge range and variety of different color options. The wallet is available in standard colors such as black or brown but also in more unique color offerings, including and not limited to, blue, pink, purple, red, and green.

As previously mentioned the Pratten Wallet is not small in size, measuring 18.5 centimeters by 9.5 centimeters. That being said, its capacity for cash cards and even coins, far exceeds any other wallet on this list. It has 12 individual credit card slots for a maximum capacity of around 24 cards and more than enough room for as many banknotes as you need. It also includes an internal zipped pocket that can be used to store any loose items such as coins or keys – a nice addition and welcoming addition. 

In terms of craftsmanship, the Pratten wallet does a fantastic job. You get the full benefits of the Eel skin, including fantastic texture on the front, and a more unusual matte finish. Coming in at a price of $99.00 Australian dollars, it’s not the cheapest while on this list, but definitely worth consideration considering its capacity, and a huge range of features. For more information on the pattern eel skin wallet, check out the official website using the link below.


Executive Eel Skin Wallet

The executive order is the only example of a trifold while it’s on this list. As a trifold, it comes in at a larger size but does provide a great deal of functionality and storage, whilst not being as large as other wallets. Made from genuine eels skin leather it again has a soft touch feel in the hand and an overly shiny appearance and the good old durability of eels skin, we know and love. In total, there are four credit card slots for a maximum capacity of eight credit or debit cards with a double currency pocket with included separator for storage of banknotes. This separator also gives the added benefit of better organization of your bills for easier access.

While it also comes with free personalizations of up to three letters, also known as a monogram and comes in a very respectable and decent price tag $39.00. Your choices of colors are between black and burgundy, which is a darkish brown color. Other features include an ID card holder and RFID functionality for protection against contactless card fraud. Overall, the executive wallet is a great example of a standard eel skin wallet. It comes in at a lower price and will most likely provide all the functionality you need in a wallet. For more information on the executive, wallet check out their official website using the link below


Lee Sans Eel Wallets

Our budget option in this list, the Lee Sans Eel Skin Wallet is a Passcase Wallet with a unique flip-up ID Card Window for easy access to any identification or employee Card. Although it’s our budget option the Lee San’s wallet is actually very well built and although it’s not the most premium use of Eel skin leather still retains the charm of this type of exotic leather, including added durability and a really sweet shine to the surface of the leather.

In terms of functionality, the wallet really excels. As the picture shows, it’s in a bi-fold style (also known as a passcase wallet or ‘L’ shape wallet when there’s a flip-up window) and can store up to 12 cards among the wallets 6 individual card slots. It also includes the typical full-width cash slot for easy storage and access to any bills you may have. With its affordability, high storage capacity, and obvious and excellent use of eel skin, the Lee Sans might be the one for you at only $10.00 (not including Postage and packaging). For more information on the Lee Sans Wallet check out their official website using the link below.


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