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[Buyers Guide 2021]

Custom Wallets, also known as personalized wallets, are a small category of wallets that aim to provide the purchaser a wide variety of options to change and customize the wallet to their liking. This could be anything from a wallet brand providing a huge variety of different colors, custom engravings, or add-on features/functions to further enhance a wallet’s capabilities. One step beyond this is what I like to call Bespoke Custom Wallets. These are the cream of the crop and provide services where you can get your own wallet designed, from scratch, and a company will build it for you exactly to your specification. 

Over the years I’ve tried and tested the vast majority of the wallets on this list and really found the below recommendations the best when it comes to getting vast customization options. Some offer in-built website builders, where you can create the custom wallet easily with a live preview, while others require you to personally get in touch with the company as many Bespoke wallet services won’t be cheap. Let’s now dive deep into what sort of customization options these recommend wallets could offer you. 


Why Purchase a Custom Wallet?

There are a whole host of reasons to consider purchasing a custom wallet. If you’re reading this post, you probably already have in mind the reason why. That being said, let me provide you with some of the reasons why I’ve taken the time to get a custom wallet designed from scratch. First of all, I simply love the idea of having a wallet that is completely unique to me, and one that I guarantee nobody else has in the world. It’s like being part of an exclusive club, but also considers the fact I get the opportunity to really consider my own personal needs and what I want from my wallet. 

Finally, they make fantastic gifts. Whether it is a Christmas, Birthday, or Fathers Day present custom wallets provide you with the means to add something memorable or personal to you to said wallet when giving it as a gift. Something that a Farther or friend can keep forever and cherish. Whatever your reason for wanting a custom wallet, we believe that the best way to get one that best suits your needs is to build one yourself. Keep in mind that Bespoke wallets in this fashion are far more expensive so you should have a decent-sized budget to get yourself started. 

How this Review is Formatted…

This review is split into two distinct sections depending on your wants and needs for a custom wallet. The first section, looks at wallets that a more affordable in price, but don’t provide full customization options. Think of a wallet that you can choose the color, material, or monogram, but don’t get the luxury of designing the overall style (bifold, minimalist, cardholder, etc…) of the wallet. This is where Bespoke wallets come in. The second section looks at wallet brands that provide services that allow for a fully custom wallet one that you design yourself and the company will make for you. 

Best Custom Wallets

As mentioned previously, custom wallets are those that offer a great array of color options, added features, and personalization options such as monograms, and engravings that could be a sentence, initials, or even a photo. These wallets tend to be highly affordable especially when compared to Bespoke Wallets. 


Custom Photo Wallet

Custom Photo Wallet, as the brand name suggests, is a website dedicated entirely to creating customizable goods with wallets being one of their top sellers. They are our most affordable pick on this list, and you’ll be able to get your hands on a personalized wallet for as low as, $20.00 to $30.00.

Where Custom Photo Wallet really shines is not just the ability to get the text written on any wallet, but also to get pictures and images, laser-etched directly onto the surface of any wallet. You can see this in the image above. It kind of creates a cartoony, black and white, stylized look which personally, I really like. The only downside to Custom Photo Wallets’ range is the quality of the wallets themselves. Unfortunately, the low price tag comes with a big caveat and that’s down to custom photo wallets, choice of material, and craftsmanship. Generally speaking, the craftsmanship is quite poor. While the choice of leather is one of the worst on the market. 

That being said, I’m gonna let them off the hook with this one as their affordability is an important selling point, which allows people to purchase affordable custom wallets, a service not offered by many other brands. One great thing about the wallets though is the different styles. You can find from bifolds, through to more minimalist cardholders, they really have nailed a great array of wallets at affordable prices. With all the customization options you desire on photo images and monograms. For more information on custom photo wallets range visit their official website using the link below.


Trove Custom Wallet

The Trove Wallet range is another example of a wallet brand that provides an online wallet builder, allowing you to design your wallet in real-time allowing you a choice in materials, designs, and colors. I love these online builders as they really allow you to visualize and play around with various different designs before you commit to your favorite one. In my opinion, Trove offers the best of these builders on this list and offers a huge variety of different personalization options. 

This includes, but not limited to, multiple different colors, designing your own artwork to be printed on the front, adding various different features to the wallet to suit your needs, (including troves brilliant swift tab also commonly known as a quick access pull tab), and even variations in the stitching or lining colors.

Not only this, but the Trove wallet is highly affordable. If you didn’t go with any customization option for while it would cost you around $40 ranging anywhere between $40.00 and $60.00, depending on the different customization options you choose. considering everything we’ve talked about, and its affordable price is a fantastic choice for a custom wallet. For more information on the Trove wallet, visit their official website using the link below.


Custom Paper Wallet

The Paper Wallet, as the brand name once again suggests, is a brand that develops an array of wallets made entirely from paper. You might think that a paper wallet isn’t exactly durable in nature, but the paper array of wallets are actually made from a material known as Tyvek which unlike actual paper is coated with a glossy exterior preventing the wallet from tearing, providing great water resistance, but retaining the look and appearance of traditional paper.

You only have to spend a few minutes browsing through the Paper Wallet website to realize they already provide a fantastic array of wallet designs to choose from. The biggest benefit of using paper is how easy it is to print designs on them. This brings us to the customization options paper wallet provide, allowing you to completely choose an image of your choice to print on the outside and inside of the wallet. These designs can be anything you want. All you need is an image or an idea, and you’ll be able to get it printed.

Paper Wallets are also incredibly affordable, starting at a price tag of $25.00 and ranging up to $35.00 depending on the choice of design and wallet type. The wallet is another affordable budget option on this list. For more information on the paper wallet range of wallets, visit their official website using the link below.


Contrado Custom Wallet

One of my favorite brands on this list is the Contrado custom wallet. What makes this wallet different from others, is the fact that it’s more of an in-between wallet, where the price is higher, although still affordable, the quality of their custom wallets, designs, and prints, is much higher quality.

Contrado is another example of a website that provides an inbuilt builder that allows you to mockup and build your wallet in real-time, allowing you to see what it looked like before you purchase it. The Website Builder is highly satisfying and intuitive to use and allows a huge array of customization options to use or omit. The main one being able to choose any image of your choice to populate the entire front and back of the wallet. Other customization options include choosing between three different materials, including a smooth or textured Nappa leather, or oilcloth matte material. You can also choose to include or remove certain features of the wallet. One example of this is having just capacity for credit or debit cards, or include an internal coin pocket storage of coins and other small loose items. 

The wallet itself is in a bifold style, is much higher quality than others (mainly the custom photo wallet), but does reflect the price tag coming in at around $70.00, which in my opinion, is most likely worth it for a custom wallet such as this. For more information on the Contrado Wallet visit their official website using the link below.


Goyard Wallet

Goyard is our bonus pay for this list of custom wallets. Goyard themself, our designer wallet brands who have a long and rich history in providing premium leather goods. Most famous for the amazing array of customization options you’ll often see top celebrities, including the likes of Orlando Bloom, carrying a Goyard with them on a daily basis. If you’re interested in what wallets different celebrities carry with them read our full article on the topic here. 

As the image shows above their website offers you the opportunity to fully design your wallet’s appearance using their website builder, including a personalized monogram in Goyard’s signature font (typeface). Other customization options you can change include a wide range of different color options (two-tone available) motifs and patterns. The Goyard Wallet offers a host of amazing personalization options to make the wallet as personal to you as possible.

Unfortunately, as a designer brand Goyard doesn’t allow you to purchase any of their goods, through their official website, but through one of their many boutique stores across the world, (mainly located in France). They also don’t come in any way near an affordable price tag, being a designer brand, the quality they strive to produce, and amazing craftsmanship, and using only the most top-quality full grain leather. If you’d like a full review of the coiled wallet, and the cardholders they produce, you can check out our official review here. Otherwise, make sure to visit their website, give the website builder, a try for yourself and see if you’re willing to pay a hefty price tag. For more information on Goyard click the link below.

Best Bespoke Wallets

Again, we briefly touched upon what a Bespoke Custom Wallet is. In a nutshell, they’re the opportunity to get your hands on a completely unique wallet, a concept or design that you’ve thought up yourself. These Bespoke wallets are much more expensive than mass-produced wallets and cost a pretty penny. Most of the time you’ll have to get in touch with the brand themselves to discuss the process of development and cost. 


Dreadnought Leather

Dreadnought leather it’s a brand, I’ve boasted about in the past due to their high-quality handcrafted nature. The brand itself is set up and run by just a sole man who discovered his love for leathercraft and decided to share his work with the rest of the world being part of many leathercraft communities across the web. We actually interviewed Dreadnought leather back in early 2021 so if you’re interested in learning more about the brand you can check out this interview here.

With each leather being handcrafted you can imagine that the quality of each and every individual wallet is amazing (and you wouldn’t be wrong). One of the original reasons I got interested in Dreadnought Leather, was the fact that they enjoy using more exotic types of leather, mainly alligator leather that has a highly distinctive look and texture to it. Dreadnought leather is also a type of brand, who, if requested, we’ll design any wallet you wish. One example of this I found on their website was a retired police officer who wanted a completely custom-made badge wallet, as he had yet to find one on the market, suited his needs.

If you get in touch with Dreadnought Leather, I’m more than likely they’ll be willing to design and produce any wallet you desire. Unfortunately, again, with most custom wallets, a price tag isn’t available due to the fact that this will be down to the individual wallet, and its specifications, size, material, etc. For more information on Dreadnought leather, and their array of custom leather wallets, visit their official website using the link below.


Fielder’s Choice Wallet

Fielder’s Choice, or FCGoods, offers one of the most innovative, while it’s on their list. Famed for taking old vintage baseball gloves and transforming them into elegant and attractive wallets for this upcycled leather material. This creates a truly unique wallet with each and every wallet being completely different thanks to the variety of different baseball gloves on the market and the variations in design and condition. Where their customization comes in, is down to the fact you can actually send your own baseball glove to the company, and they’ll transform that into a wallet for you – they call this their Pastime Custom Program. 

If you’ve got a friend or a father who is a big baseball fan, and they have an old childhood glove, just laying about in the garage, then it potentially could be the perfect opportunity to get some functional use out of this old nostalgic, memory, and turn it into an amazing custom wallet. I couldn’t get my hands on the pricing for this customization option, but Fielder’s Choice Wallets range from around $50.00 to well over $100.00 depending on the type of wallet you choose. I imagine, considering the customization of a wallet that you own, will set you back more than the top end of this price range.

Baseball Glove wallets are becoming extremely popular, and we actually have a full review of the Fielder’s Choice Wallet range along well with a compilation article, reviewing all the baseball glove wallets on the market today. For more information on the Fielder’s Choice customization wallet visit their official website using the link below. 


Chester Mox Wallet

Chester Mox is another small independent wallet brand that is known best for their range of leather goods made to exemplary quality, but also in the way they innovate in various ways. This includes a distinctive choice of wallets to choose from including traditional bifolds through to their unique cardholder and the array of color options available from traditional browns and blacks through to more vivid and bizarre colors such as red, blue, and green.

I’ve reviewed one of the Chester Mox wallets in the past and have had nothing but praise for the quality and craftsmanship including their use of full-grain leather in each and every wallet they produce. They also provide an array of exotic leather options, including again alligator wallets. In my opinion, have such a distinctive and unique look, along with the fantastic properties and durability of alligator leather. Although their American alligator bifold will set you back $1,350 so it’s not for everyone.

This leads us nicely onto the customization options. Standard wallets come with the options of obviously choosing between colors and designs but they also allow for custom monograms if you so wish. You can also get in contact with them directly to have them completely bespoke wallet of your choosing, which again, is a fantastic opportunity if you’ve got a large budget.

Overall, I have nothing bad to say about Chester Mox, and I recommend them for a custom wallet solely down to my previous experiments that have been used for a variety of their leather goods. For more information on Chester Mox and its range of wallets, visit their official website using the link below.


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