The Best ‘Bad Mother Fucker’ Wallets

You don’t often get wallets making cameo appearances in Movies or Television. That being said whenever a wallet does make a cameo appearance in a piece of media I always try to report on it (think of the likes of the Walter Mitty Wallet). The Bad Mother Fucker Wallet, also known as the Pulp Fiction Wallet, is one example of this and probably the most famous example of a movie wallet to date. As the name suggests, the Bad Mother Fucker Wallet is a simple style leather bifold with that exact phrase ‘Bad Mother Fucker’ embroidered on the front. 

Even though the film is nearing 30 years since its release, the popularity of the cult classic, and the Bad Mother Fucker Wallet, hasn’t dwindled and you can find replicas of this iconic wallet all across the web. Today, we’re going to be looking at a few examples of these wallet replicas and try and find the Best Bad Mother Fucker Wallet on the market, both in accuracy and quality. Watch the scene below where the iconic wallet makes its appearance. 

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We’ve chosen a range of Bad Mother Fucker wallets that either is exact replicas of the one from the movie or use the same style but include slight variations to the design for durability or functionality sake. We also chose wallets that come in at varying budget options so not matter how much you want to spend on the wallet you can find one affordable to you. 


BMF Wallets

BMF Wallets, the abbreviation of Bad Mother Fucker, is a website set up and developed for the sole purchase of selling Bad Mother Fucker Wallets. They offer highly competitive prices coming in at just $25.00 with a fairly decent quality wallet considering its cheap price and the fact the wallets only made from Genuine Leather.

The functionality of the wallet is very much like a traditional bifold. Internally the wallet has 7 card slots, for a total capacity of up to 14 cards with one of them being an ID Card Slot for easy access to an ID Card. Along with this, the BMF Wallet also has a double full-width banknote slot for great storage of bills and organization. Finally, the wallet is also available in a range of different colors (along with the classic brown) including the likes of black with varying accent colors including red, blue, and green.

Overall the wallet is a good example of a Bad Mother Fucker Wallet and at an affordable price. The quality isn’t there so I’d say this particular wallet is best as a Replica (not for use), or if you’re solely buying the wallet for Cosplay reasons. For more information on the BMF Wallet check out their official website using the link below.


JooJoob’s Pulp Fiction Wallet

Due jobs is a brand that I am very familiar with and that develop some of the most high-quality handmade wallets on the market. With a traditional vintage lock each and every wallet is handcrafted to perfection with a family history of leathercraft that guarantees quality.

Among their huge offering of leather goods including traditional bifolds and chain wallets they also offer are on the best quality bad mother fucker wallets on the market. This wallet isn’t exactly an exact replica in the fact that their choice of leather and it’s colouring this is dramatically from that of the actual BMF wallet. The only thing that puts the swallow close to the one shown in the film ma is the fact it has the words bad mother fucker embroidered on the front in the same style and font.

That being said, the functionality of the JooJoobs BMF wallet is amazing. It has great storage for both cash and cards and can durability that can’t be matched by any other wallet on this list. Coming in at a Price tag of $59.99 you will have to pay slightly more for the privilege of this highly attractive wallet. Overall, I think the JooJoobs BMF wallet is fantastic and takes all the best parts of the iconic ole and places it within in a highly satisfying durable, and attractive wallet. For more information on the JooJoobs wallet visit their official website using the link below.


Official Tarantino Wallet

It’s no surprise that Quentin Tarantino themselves has jumped on the bandwagon due to the popularity of his movie pulp fiction. If you’re looking for an official replica of the BMF wallet and you can actually purchase one from the website that is certified official coming in at a price tag of only $23.00.

This wallet itself isn’t actually that high quality but it does do a fantastic job of replicating the wallet to a degree where you couldn’t really tell the difference between the one from the film and the replica you buy. It is also highly affordable which is a big selling point for people on a budget or who just want the wallet as a Memento or replica without actually ever planning on using it.

Internally, the Offical BMF Wallet has decent functionality, if you plan to use it, with similar or near-exact functionality as the BMF Wallet mentioned above. This wallet also comes with a driver’s license (for  Jules (Samuel L. Jackson)) and another card showcasing the wallet is official Pulp Fiction merchandise. For more information on this wallet visit the Tarantino official website using the link below.


Max Caddy BMF Wallet

The Max Caddy wallet is another example of an unofficial bad mother fucker wallet. All this what it does a fantastic job of replicating the exact stitching on the front and the exact coloration of the wallet it actually comes in and how much higher uh quality another wallet on this list.

The biggest difference that the Max caddy wallet provides comma compared to others on this list, is the fact the storage of the wallet is much better. This is thanks to the wallet’s inclusion of a coin purse or an area where you can easily secure and get access to any coins, or other small items, at ease. Along with this, the wallet has fantastic storage for banknotes and cards and again is tied into a wallet with higher quality leather.

Due to always said, the Max Caddy wallet will set you back slightly more money than always on this list. Nevertheless, if you are planning on using this wale in practice and you do tend to carry many coins with you and this one is your best choice has no other wallet on this list provides this functionality. for more information on the Max Caddy BMF wallet check it out on their official website using the link below.


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