The Obstructures Wallet Review

The Good
  • Really high-quality lightweight aluminum is used. This gives you a wallet that could last a lifetime.
  • Really simple and thin design. Also comes with a bottle opener directly built into the wallet.
  • One of the cheapest range of metal wallets on the market. 
The Bad
  • The rubber bands (that keep your cards and cash in place) have a tendency to snap over time.
  • As you’d expect from a slim wallet its card and cash capacity is reduced compared to other wallets.

The Obstructures Wallet is a unique metal wallet that uses a combination of aluminum plates that when stacked on top of each other creates a unique wallet that’s easy to use and durable. Back in 2012 Obstructures managed to successfully fund their wallet in just 5 days raising a staggering $45,000 in a fantastic example of Crowdfunding success. 

Obstructures brand ethos is based around developing wallets that are indestructible with a certain industrial aesthetic that strips down products and reduces them to just their core. I must say that this aesthetic is very cool looking and something right up my alley. That being said, it’s unique so it might not be everyone’s cup of tea. 

TL;DR: A nice simple wallet with a thin profile. This wallet is for the ultimate minimalist who doesn’t want to carry much with them but wants something with style. 

Obstructures A4

How Unique is the Wallet?

The Obstructures Wallet actually comes in a few variations in size depending on your personal requirements. The smallest wallet is known as the A1 which is a single metal plate that resembles the spine wallet with a cutout in the metal that can be used as a bottle opener. From here, you now get the option to increase the number of plates in each wallet. The A2 for example has two metal plates that lie, with the A3 having three, ect… This occurs all the way up to the ‘C’ wallet that also increases in size. The 3 is probably the most functional as it resembles the size of a Passport and is designed as a travel wallet. 

Overall, the system by which you can choose to add or remove plates based on your needs in a fun and unique way of innovating and designing a wallet that can change at will. That being said, I don’t really get the benefits of having more plates (the A2 and A3 seem a bit pointless) as the added plates don’t increase or improve on the functionality of the wallet. If anything it’ll simply bulk out the wallet and increase its weight. 

What are the Wallets Features?

As a minimalist wallet and being made from metal the Obstructures range of wallets are based upon the idea of carrying less. Because of this, the wallet doesn’t have as many features as a standard, say, leather wallet, and this is down to its size, shape, and material. That being said, the Obstructures wallet(s) do a great job of what they have. 

Credit/Debit cards are stored by being stacked on top of each other and held down by elasticated bands. This is great for storage in a smaller sized wallet (can store anywhere from 1 – 6 cards easily). Cash is easily stored underneath the elastic bands and can store 

Obstructures Wallet Black Silver

What’s the Wallet Made From?

As previously mentioned the Obstructures wallet is made from a lightweight aluminum metal that is CNC Machined (laser cut) for a near-perfect finish. Over the years I’ve used many metal wallets like the Obstructures and have found this to be one of the better ones. The metal is really high quality and has a robust, sturdy, and fantastic feel in the hand. The elastic hooks are strong and hold everything in place, but I did have one snap on me a few weeks in use. This is probably where elastic would be a better choice as I find it more durable and lasts over time.  

Is it a good price?

At a price tag between $32 – $65 The Obstructures wallet is a really reasonable price, especially compared to other metal wallets on the market. Even at its most expensive (the C Wallet for passport storage), the wallet is still a very reasonable price. In fact, I’ll go as far as to say this is one of the most valuable metal wallets on the market today. At the moment certain models of the Obstructures wallet are half price including the A3 Wallet at only $16.00. Keep in mind that at this point certain wallets in the Obstructures range are not available (for whatever reason). 

What are the alternatives?

Metal wallets like the Obstructures are quite popular and are not uncommon in the market today. Where the Obstructures differs is from its simplicity in design and its ultra-thin profile that puts it in the top 10 for one of the slimmest wallets on the market. Below are a few wallets that are very similar to any of the Obstructures Wallets on offer today.

Spine Titanium Wallet

Ranger Minimalist Wallet

Hu Mn Wallet

Bankr Stack Wallet

Final Verdict

The Obstructures range of wallets is a nice, attractive, and distinctive range. If you’re looking for a specific type of look and are also looking to streamline and migrate to a more minimalist style wallet then Obstructures is a great choice. The range is also very affordable with many of the smaller wallets coming in as cheap as $16.00. For more information on Obstructures check out their official website by clicking the link below.


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