The GOVO Badge Holder Review

The GOVO Badge Holder commonly referred to as a wallet, is an unusual metal wallet with a distinctive design. I could find very little regarding GOVO as a brand (apart from being estimated and designed in Ohio, USA) but it’s clear the GOVO Wallet is a popular one with them selling many variations of the wallet along with a few optional extras like lanyards and RFID Blocking cards.

My first impressions of the GOVO Wallet are really positive. On my initial unboxing it has a premium feel to its with a good, but not too high, weight. The materials all seem durable with the craftsmanship above par. Let’s take a look and see how the wallet performs on two major dimensions – design and functionality. 


Look & Design

Available in 3 different material types (at varying prices) including a standard Polycarbonate material, Aluminum, and Titanium. As you can imagine each model is slightly different in terms of its durability. While the Plastic version being the most prone to scuffs and scratches and both the aluminum and titanium models being fairly similar in their strength. The wallets are available in a small but attractive range of colors including black, Tan, Blue, and chrome metal. 

The actual design of the GOVO Wallet is something unique and refreshing. It has a futuristic look that reminds me of something out of a space-age movie. It has an angular design with 3 distinct holes on the front arranged in an aesthetically pleasing way. The GOVO Wallet will be hit or miss for some. Its design definitely attracts attention and if you’re looking for something unique that stands out the GOVO is a good choice. 


Functionality & Utility 

The main functionality of the GOVO is to act as a Badge Holder. On the front of each wallet is a clip that enables a lanyard to be easily attached. This clip is patented by GOVO and also be clipped to a belt, pocket, or keychain depending on your preference. The other side of the wallet is a clear transparent screen made from hardy polycarbonate (plastic). This screen is super clear and even the smallest text can easily be seen from ID or employee cards stored behind it. 

Although not initially designed as a wallet the GOVO can also be used as a pretty small but enjoyable wallet. It only has a capacity of up to 4 cards stored within the metal frame. Internal springs hold the cards away from the edges providing a snug fit, but also less chance of damage. 

I would say that the GOVO Badge Holder is best used alongside another wallet unless you really carry less than 4 cards on a daily basis. You can have your most-used credit/debit cards on the GOVO with other cards in a separate wallet. I found the clip also has enough flexibility to store banknotes underneath if you want. Although this would render its ability to clip on other things like a belt.


Price Tag

I was really impressed with GOVO’s prices. Having the wallet in 3 different materials means they can structure their price ranges to meet the needs of everyone regardless of their budget (while maintaining the same functionality regardless of the price or material). Prices start at just $17.99 for the plastic (Polycarbonate) model (a $12.99 version is available without the money clip), $39.99 for the aluminum, or $59.99 for the most expensive Titanium version. 

Even for the Titanium model, the GOVO Wallet is still a very affordable wallet, especially when compared to what the majority of metal wallets cost today. The likes of similar wallets such as the Ridge or Dango can set you back at least $80.00 so it’s refreshing to see a more affordable metal wallet such as the GOVO Badge Wallet. 

Final Verdict

I’m honestly impressed by the GOVO Wallet. It has a little bit of everything with its smaller size, unique material, and design, and affordability. My favorite feature of the wallet is its ability to either be a lanyard (badge holder) or simply a standard minimalist wallet. It all depends on your individual needs. If you’re into the unique futuristic design, an ultra-thin profile, and a robust wallet then definitely consider the GOVO Wallet. It might be right for you. For more information on the GOVO range of wallets and Badge Holders check out their official website with the link below. 


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