Tactical Gear Wallet Review

Not Another Ridge Wallet Fake?

The Tactical Gear Wallet is another Copycat Wallet that has been growing in popularity. A copycat or knock-off wallet is one that steals an already popular wallet design, in this case, the famous Ridge Wallet, and resells that at a much cheaper price tag. Big manufacturers in China have capitalized on this and mass produces these wallets, and resells them to companies like Tactical Gear who print their logo on them and sell them on.

The current promotion by Tactical Gear, where you only need to pay the shipping costs for this wallet, making it efficiently free, is the first tale-tail sign something is off about this wallet. The fact they can still profit as a business while only charging P&P is crazy and goes to show the insane mark-up they had, and probably still have, on the Tactical Gear Wallet.

I’m really not going to delve much into the Tactical Gear Wallet as an actual wallet. It resembles the Ridge Wallet in every way, has a decent capacity (can store up to 1 – 12 credit/debit cards), and can store a decent amount of cash with its included metal money clip. As far as a wallet goes the Tactical Gear Wallet is good and functions well and an effective way to minimize your daily carry.

But as with any Copycat wallet, I’d recommend staying away. Quality will be diminished due to poor and low-grade materials and the mass-produced nature means these wallets tend to never go through quality control. Having used many similar wallets to the Tactical Gear (I’m assuming they are all created in the same factory), I’ve had nothing but trouble. I find it always pays to spend a little extra to get top-notch quality of design and materials usually resulting in a wallet that’ll last a lifetime – especially true for metal wallets. 

  • Functionality 72% 72%
  • Design 10% 10%
  • Price 45% 45%



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