Thin King Card Case Wallet Review

What I like about the Thin King Card Case is its simplicity. Something you only need to carry cards with you and has completely forgone the need to carry any cash with you. In a nutshell, that is me. I hate carrying cash with me and I think over the next decade we’re going to see an increasing shift away from physical cash to more virtual methods of payment. 

Thin King are a Finnish brand that have created a classic yet modern take on the wallet. Although they don’t really call it a wallet and refer to it as a ‘credit card case’. I guess this is the correct terminology but for the purpose of this review, we will refer to it as a wallet. Let’s take a look at what this card case wallet has to offer. 

Thin King is a classic yet modern, truly original Finnish designed credit card case for men and women. Compact and lightweight enough to fit any pocket or purse discreetly. Thin King goes anywhere – whether you are going out, traveling or enjoying your favorite activity, Thin King is the perfect protection for your credit cards. Strong & durable anodized aluminum frame keeps your cards protected from tear and wear.’.

Look & Design

The main thing I love about the Thin King is its look and the variety of different designs it comes in. Made from a strong lightweight aluminum metal (weighs 42 grams) the Thin King has a robust feel in the hand. Its size is also something to mention. Coming in at only slightly larger than a credit card (64 x 88 x 9,8 mm) – and with an ergonomically designed cutout for card access – the Thin King is attractive yet looks like something from the past. For me, it reminds me of a cigarette case that people used to carry with them in the early 20th century. 

The range of options available in terms of the color or design of the wallet is also worth mentioning. With a range of standard colors (red, green, blue, etc…) the Thin King also comes in a range of unique designs. These will obviously differ depending on your personal preferences but the range of designs is stunning and the quality is something other wallet brands should strive towards. See below for some of my favorites. 

Functionality & Utility 

The functionality of the Thin King is probably what you’d expect from a card-carrying case-style wallet. With a unique hidden grip method, the wallet holds between 1 – 6 credit or debit cards. For me, this is enough capacity but be careful as if you tend to carry more than this your cards simply won’t fit and Thin King doesn’t provide any additional sizes to accommodate larger capacities. 

Thin King pride themselves on the fact that no matter how hard you shake your cards are secure within the wallet. I decided to put this to the test and really went to town on deliberately trying to get the cards to fall out. I’m happy to say that even after expensive shaking Thin King was true to their word and cards are very secure and won’t suffer from card spillage regardless of what you’re doing. 

The final feature is the inclusion of RFID security as a standard in every wallet. RFID technology is becoming increasingly more common in wallets as the increase in theft – regarding the use of contactless cards – is on the rise. Although I’ve never been subject to this crime I know people who have and that added peace of mind is something definitely worth having. 

Final Verdict

The Thin King is a great little card-carrying wallet and I really think it’s great for people who are cashless and want something easy to use in a sleek modern design. The best thing of all is its price. Coming in at only $35.00 the Thin King is a great low-end wallet but with a premium feel at an affordable price tag. For more information on the Thin King check out their website directly by clicking the link below. 


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