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The MostRad MicroSlim Wallet Review

The Good
  • Functional for the price tag.
  • The price is very affordable coming at just under $15.00.
The Bad
  • Quality is less than satisfactory.
  • Quite a low card capacity.
  • Cash does need to be folded but this is typical of a slim wallet.

The MostRad Micro Slim Wallet is a simple minimalist wallet that aims to provide an all-round feature full wallet in a compact little package. The wallet is best for people who are looking for a slim design that can easily fit in the pocket without any bulk. Let’s now look into what the MostRad wallet could offer you and how it compares to others on the market. 

TL;DR: A simple minimalist wallet with ample functionality. The wallet is only made from genuine leather but the price tag more than reflects that. Other similar wallets, at similar or higher prices, are available on the market. 


How Unique is the Wallet?

The MostRad isn’t the most unique wallet on the market. The design is one that is quite common in a minimalist style that can resemble the likes of Travelambo and Buffway Wallet. It doesn’t have many color variations (black and brown) and has ample storage, again, similar to many wallets on the market. One unique aspect to the wallet (one I’ve not actually come across before) is the choice between buying the wallet with, or without, a logo. This is great for people who don’t like branded items and like the clean minimalist appearance of goods that don’t have their logo or website plastered all over it. 

What are the Wallets Features?

The MostRad Wallet is a very simple design. It’s a cardholder only slightly larger than a credit/debit card itself and has a small yet satisfactory capacity for items. It can hold up to 10 cards in a variety of slots with an internal slot for your banknotes (that have to be folded in half. The MostRad also has quick access slots on both sides (a cut out in the leather) so you can easily slide cards out with your finger. The wallet also has RFID protection as standard, without an additional fee, that’s great for preventing any sort of contactless card fraud. 


What’s the Wallet Made From?

The MostRad is made from Genuine Leather. If you know anything about leather and leather grades then you may have learned that Genuine leather (against what the name suggests) one of the worst types of leathers on the market. The leather is actually made from ‘split leather’ which means lower inner layers of leather are stripped of in thin sheets and plastered together. This leather is generally lower quality and has a lower overall lifespan as after not too long it can begin to degrade quite rapidly. If you’re looking for a wallet with higher quality then you’d want either fine or full-grain leather. This is the type most expensive boots are made from. If you want more information on leather grades and quality checks out our article on the subject below.

Is it a good price?

The price tag of the MostRad wallet is really good and affordable to most people, coming in at just $14.99. Because of this, I’d say if you’re looking for a wallet that is disposable (one that you can throw around and be frugal with) then this isn’t a bad choice.

What are the alternatives?

With MostRad Wallet’s design, many alternatives exist on the market today. The wallet isn’t doing anything special with how it looks and feels and that’s reflected in the variety of different options available on the market. Some similar wallets to the MostRad, that you might want to check out, are below.

The Buffway Wallet (very similar in every way to the MostRad).

The Travelambo Wallet (very similar again, although it does provide a huge variety of color options).

The Nero Wallet (My personal choice for a cheaper wallet in this type. Is well made, has some innovative features, and is made from okay quality leather).

The Jekyll & Hide Wallet (similar to the MostRad but also includes a metal money clip and is made from top-grain leather).

Final Verdict

There’s really nothing special about the MostRad wallet. It has a common design and no distinguishable features that make it any worse or better than alternatives on the market. The best thing about the wallet is its affordable price tag at only $14.99. If you’re looking for a cheap wallet that serves its purpose then the MostRad is a fine choice. Just keep in mind its poorer quality (thanks to its leather type) and the fact near-identical wallets do exist that may or may not be a better (or worst) choice for you. For more information on the MostRad Micro Slim wallet check out their website using the link below. 


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