The Travelambo Minimalist Wallet Review

The Good
  • The price tag of the Travelambo wallet is hard not to love coming in at just under $10.00.
  • In general terms, the functionality of the wallet is fine. It does an okay job all-round at storing cash and cards.
The Bad
  • The quality of the wallet is very poor. The wallet came with frayed edges to the sides and had already degraded after 2 weeks of use.
  • The quality of the leather is very bad and is made from only genuine leather one of the worst grades of leather on the market. 

Sometimes you have to review wallets that you wouldn’t normally review. The Travelambo is a wallet that isn’t exactly branded. Sure, it was given a name but it’s clear from looking at this wallet that it’s a simple ‘imported’ wallet from China that was mass-produced with no regard to care or quality. That’s not to simply discredit the wallet altogether. After all, there’s a reason why this wallet is so cheap (more on that later) and why they can afford to sell wallets at such low prices. 

In fact, a quick search on Chinese wholesale site aliexpress and you can find this exact wallet but at a wholesale price of around $1.00 – $2.00. It’s no surprise then that at only £6.46 on Amazon these guys can still make a great profit at selling these wallets in bulk. Let’s take a look at why it may or may not be a good idea to get your hands on the so-called Travelambo Minimalist Wallet.


Look & Design

The wallet is mostly hand-crafted and made from genuine cow-hide leather It has a simple, minimal, ‘no-nonsense’ design and comes in three leather types. Cross-hatched, Napa, and vegetable-tanned. Let’s not forget the fact that these guys boast the wallet being made from ‘100% top grain genuine leather’. This statement is a bit of an oxymoron. Afterall top leather and genuine leather are two completely different types of leather (genuine being one of the worst qualities on the market), so when you combine the names it makes no sense. 

The overall quality of the wallet is probably as you’d expect. Very poor. The leather has a ‘fake’ almost plastic texture to it, and stitching around the edges of the wallet are frayed and coming loose within weeks of using the wallet.

Finally, the range of colors the wallet is available in is staggering with a choice between 30 different variations in color and texture. Whether you’re looking for typical colors like black or brown or want more unique vibrant colors like pink or purple the Travelambo is great as they have all bases covered and provide you with ultimate customization options to your liking. This is one silver lining with the Travelambo. 


Functionality & Utility 

The Travelambo wallet comes with RFID protection, to keep your debit cards and credit cards safe from cyber theft. I’m not doubting the wallet does have RFID but I’m currently going through some testing to see if it actually is. I’ve currently found no evidence from an internal inspection of the wallet that any sort of ‘shielding’ device exists. 

In terms of the functionality of the wallet, it has six card slots which most certainly should be more than enough space for the cards you use the most. I also like the fact that it has a slide-in slot with the ID window at the back, so I can offer quick identification if need be. The wallet is absolutely fine when it comes to its capacity to store cash and cards. 

The 6 card slots provide capacity for up to 12 cards in a pretty nicely laid out design. Everything is easy to access and while not being too tight or loose. Cash will have to be folded to be stored correctly but this is a very common thing amongst minimalist wallets in general and can’t easily be avoided. Finally, the size of the wallet is also very nice with its thinness being very effective. The wallet can easily fit in a front or back pocket with ease and you won’t suffer from any sort of wallet ‘bulking’ even when the wallet is full to the brim. 


Final Verdict 

The Travelambo wallet is a great example of why it pays to do a little research on the goods you buy. Travelambo is simply a mass-produced wallet that wholesalers buy to sell on mass for a profit. Just the fact Travelambo doesn’t have their own website and only sell on amazon is enough to confirm this. I don’t recommend the wallet at all. It’s fine when it comes to its functionality as a minimalist wallet but lacks in every other department from its quality though to materials. I guarantee this wallet won’t last a year with daily use as mine already began to show signs of wear and tear. 

On the other side of the coin is the price tag. There’s a reason why this wallet has 7,518 ratings at between 4 to 5 stars. It’s because it does a satisfactory job at an amazing price tag. Not everyone has the money to buy a $100 wallet and if it does the job then why not spend as little as possible? Objectively speaking I don’t like the wallet, but at a price like that? How can I not refuse? For more information on the Travelambo Minimalist Wallet check out their amazon page using the link below. 


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