The Buffway Minimalist Wallet Review

The Good
  • Great range of effective and useful features including ample card and cash storage and an ID slot.
  • Really great price. One of the cheapest wallets on the market today coming in at only $9.99.
The Bad
  • The quality of the leather is poor being made from genuine leather (one of the worst quality grades on the market).
  • The general craftsmanship is poor. It’s clear this wallet was mass-produced with little care for quality control.

The Buffway Wallet is as simple as it gets. The idea behind the Buffway was to create a wallet that was as cheap as possible ($9.99) while still providing functionality and a great quality everyday carry. It’s definitely a fine balance, and often wallets that seem too good to be true on price usually are. I often find these ‘Amazon only’ style brands, wallets that are only sold on Amazon, are poor in quality, and won’t even reach the 6-month mark before they fall apart. 

That being said, the Buffway is one of the highest-rated minimalist wallets on Amazon ever with over 17,800 individual ratings with the majority (91%) being rated at either 4 to 5 stars. Given this fact I decided to review the Buffway myself for a 3 month period and give my honest opinion on the wallet, its functions, features, and how well it holds up with daily use.


Look & Design

Let’s first start off with the size of the wallet. Measuring just 3 1/8″ x 4 7/16″ x 1/9″ the wallet is made to be as slim as possible with an incredibly thin profile that makes the wallet barely noticeable in your pockets (especially your back pockets). The Buffway minimalist wallet is made from leather, and it is available in different colors including Atlanta Black, Seattle brown, Boston chocolate, and a range of other more unique color variants such as pink and green. I settled for the Seattle brown. The color is greatly okay quality with a deep rich coloration that seems to last. 

The issues revolving around the Buffway comes down to the quality of its leather. As a brand that sells its wallets as cheap as $9.99, they’re going to have to reduce costs somewhere and in this case, it’s at the expense of the leather. The Buffway is made from genuine leather. Don’t let that name fool you. Genuine leather is actually one of the worst quality leathers on the market and is basically made from the leftover scraps of leather. This makes the wallet feel very poor and gives the wallet a quite uneven, rugged texture. You’ll also never get the chance to develop a Patina. 

Finally, the overall craftsmanship and quality of the wallet are also very poor. The wallet has bad stitching where threads became loose after only a few weeks. This again is typical of a wallet of this price tag. These wallets are mass-produced in a factory with very little quality control. I’d imagine some are better than others but generally they are of poorer quality compared to most wallets on the market.


Functionality & Utility 

The wallet has enough slots to hold your cards and a few dollar bills. There are four pockets explicitly designed for keeping your cards with one designed main to house the card you use the most having a thumb slot. It is effortless to remove your card from this slot. Also, there is a slot designed to hold photo IDs such as driving license, work badge, etc. I use the wallet to carry about eight cards, which looks like the maximum the wallet can take. 

Another major highlight of this wallet is the advanced RFID blocking technology, which is incorporated into the wallet. It blocks electronic signals with a frequency around the range of 13.56 MHz. This helps to shield your cards against contactless card theft. In times like these, credit card information theft is on the increase, especially in some countries. There’s conflicting evidence to whether or not RFID is necessary but it’s always nice to have for peace of mind.

Overall, the wallet has ample functionality that works well in practice and doesn’t have any issues with the wallet. Cash and cards are easy to access and it has enough functionality for people who are actively looking for a slim wallet. That being said, I keep coming back to the quality of the wallet, as it really is, not that great.


Price Tag

As previously mentioned the Buffway is strategically priced as one of the lowest prices wallets on the market. This gives people who really don’t care for certain aspects of a wallet, its quality, a way to get all the functionality they need at a low price tag. At $9.99 I can’t really criticize the wallet for what it is. It’s certainly not perfect but at the end of the day, it’s not meant to be. 

Final Verdict

Selling at the price of $10.00, the Buffway slim minimalist wallet offers users excellent value for money. The wallet does a great job of holding and protecting your cards as well as a few banknotes with ample security. If you do not like folding your money bills before you can put it in your wallet, then this wallet may not be the best. For me, this is a bargain buy because these issues do not cause much concern for me. Also being 

The Buffway is the perfect wallet for people looking for a simple yet effective minimalist wallet and the cheapest possible price. If you don’t care about quality or the perceived brand perception of your wallet then the wallet really hasn’t got much wrong with it. Just be willing to accept that the wallet probably won’t last as long as some others, but you can always buy another one if that does happen. For more information on the Buffway Minimalist Wallet check out their Amazon page by clicking the link below.


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