The Dopp Wallet Review

A Compact & Slimline Cardholder

The Dopp Wallet is one that on first impressions looks interesting. Its slim design and the tempting price tag will probably appeal to a lot of people, but in all honesty, I’m of the opinion that more goes into a men’s wallet than just price. The Dopp Wallet is a very simple cardholder style wallet, designed with a slimline and a thin compact size (4.25″ x 3.25″ x 0.25). The first thing to note is this type of wallet design is nothing unique and one of the hundreds of similar wallets on the market today. This isn’t inherently bad, but it does mean if you like this style the Dopp Wallet isn’t your only option and it’ll pay to shop around. 

Having used many wallets similar to the Dopp I can say with confidence that the overall functionality and capacity for cash, and cards, is very strong. In total, the Dopp Wallet can store up to 8 credit/debit cards split and segmented nicely across the wallet’s 4 card slots. On the reverse side is also an ID Card slot, with a transparent window, to allow for an easy showcase of any ID or Employee cards which is a nice addition. It can also store a small amount of cash, folded, in a slightly larger middle compartment to the wallet. 

The biggest disappointment with regards to the Dopp Wallet is its choice of material. The wallet is made from Genuine Leather (Cowhide) with a Satin finish. If you’re ever read any of my reviews before I often mention how Genuine Leather is the worst quality grade of leather and this shows with its look, feel, and overall durability (how long the wallet is likely to last). In the case of the Dopp Wallet, on immediate inspection and use, the material felt thin, and plastic to the touch and generally had a very artificial look and feel to it. 

Overall, I don’t think I can’t recommend the Dopp Wallet. This is simply down to the fact that the quality of the wallet is not up to par for a long-lasting wallet, and other alternatives exist, with the same design and leather type, at a cheaper price tag. Along with this, if you like the design but want higher quality these wallets are also available at not much more than the Dopp Wallet’s price of $22.95. The Dopp Wallet is definitely one to miss in my opinion. For more information visit their Amazon page using the link below. 

  • Functionality 66% 66%
  • Design 57% 57%
  • Price 65% 65%



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