Jekyll & Hide Money Clip Wallet Review

1. Introduction

2. Look & Design

3. Functionality 

4. Price Tag

5. Final Verdict

  • Functionality
  • Design
  • Value



The Good
  • Strong money clip (using magnets) to easily store your banknotes when out and about.
  • Great use of high-quality materials. Made from premium full-grain leather.
  • Affordable price considering the great use of materials. 
The Bad
  • Small capacity of only 3 – 4 cards. Might not be suitable for many people.
  • Lack of color options or personalization. 

The Jekyll and Hide Money Clip Wallet is a unique take on a slim wallet with a range of functionality bringing it into the 21st century. On first appearance, the wallet might seem a little basic but as you delve deeper, looking into its range of features, you quickly realize the Jekyll and Hide wallet has a range of fantastic features with the aim of slim lining your EDC and provide elegance in design and security.

Founded in 2003 Jekyll and Hide originally started developing their range of travel items and apparel and quickly rose to fame with teams across the world in America, Asia, and Europe. They strive to produce goods that have a timeless look yet effortless modern with the use of top quality materials and ornate craftsmanship. That’s what I love about this brand. Each item looks like it’s been designed to perfection and while still retaining an affordability factor so everyone can enjoy their range of apparel. 

Look & Design

The first thing we should mention is the size of the wallet. Coming in at just 11cm x 8cm x 1 cm (W / H / B). This is a fantastic sized wallet for people looking for a compact alternative to perhaps a larger size wallet they currently carry. This wallet should only be considered if you’re interested in a minimalist wallet and want one with a smaller size that can easily be stored in a front or back pocket with ease. 

The Jekyll and Hide’s quality in terms of its appearance is also fantastic. Being made from full-grain leather the leather is treated and tanned using traditional methods and coated with natural vegetable tanned oils. This gives the wallet a wonderful shine and a soft touch. Thanks to this high-quality leather the wallet also develops a beautiful patina over time as the wallets are worn down.

Finally, I felt inclined to mention the range, or lack of, colors the wallet is available in. As of writing, the wallet is only available in tan. Frankly speaking, I’m not overly keen on this color and would love to see a more varied range of color options, even standard colors like black or dark brown, to provide people with more options to fit their individual style. A small gripe but I thought it was worth mentioning. 

Functionality & Utility 

The main features of the Jekyll & Hide Money Clip wallet is the money clip itself. This magnetic clip, located on the reverse side of the wallet, is used to store a great array of banknotes and is supported by a very strong magnet that keeps your cash secure and in place. At first, I was a bit concerned about the strength of the magnet as this would dictate how easily the cash might hold and how easy it is to access when on the move. Luckily Jekyll and Hide have done a great job designing the wallet and the magnet is very strong with very little risk of cash getting loose when in use.

The capacity for credit/debit cards is very similar. Although the wallet only has a maximum capacity of between 3 – 4 cards the wallet does a great job of storing it with easy access thanks to the quick access ‘cut out’ on the front. This allows you to easily slide cards out with only your finger and makes accessing cards a breeze. Remember, this is a minimalist wallet so if you’re looking for a wallet with a larger capacity you’ll have to look elsewhere. 

Finally, the Jekyll and Hide wallet also come with RFID Security as standard. This integrated technology helps protect you and your wallet against contactless fraud, a crime on the rise in countries adopting this wireless payment technology. I have mixed feelings regarding RFID as there’s not much proof the crime is actually prevalent, but nevertheless it’s nice to have for people who need that peace of mind. For more information on RFID technology check out our article titled ‘is RFID necessary’ here. 

Price Tag

The Jekyll and Hide wallet comes in at a mid-range price tag of $49.00. This is just about on point with how much I thought the wallet should cost. That being said, if the wallet was more expensive than this, say $60.00, then I’d probably have to reconsider my stance as I really don’t think the wallet’s worth any more than this. Generally speaking, I’m happy with this price tag and it reflects the premium materials used and great brand identity Jekyll and Hide have built. 

Final Verdict

Overall, I enjoyed my time using the Jekyll and Hide money clip wallet. Money clip wallets are becoming rarer these days and it’s an efficient and effective method of storing cash I think other wallets should adopt. The wallet has a premium and elegant look to it and provides modern-day features such as RFID security. Along with Jekyll & Hide’s 2 year guarantee on all products and free shipping I recommend this wallet to those who want a slim wallet at an affordable price tag. For more information on the Jekyll and Hide money clip wallet check out their official website using the link below.


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