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The Tumi Slim Card Wallet Review

The Good
  • A nice unique range of designs including leopard print and blue. 
  • Lovely texture on the wallet which feels great and looks the part.
  • Great for minimalist lovers who want to slim down their EDC and don’t want to be able to feel their wallet in their pocket. 
The Bad
  • In the same vein, a lack of functionality compared to other wallets of a similar size (only 4 card capacity).
  • Wallet doesn’t specify what type of leather the Tumi is made from. This is open to debate. 
  • Quite expensive given everything. Cheaper alternatives at simular quality do exist on the market. 

Since 1975, TUMI has been one of the top innovators in developing a range of goods based on travel essentials and creating goods that are easy to use, durable and functional. Tumi is one of the best brands I’ve come across when it comes to their take on ethical sustainability and doing their part to reduce the negative impact of global warming from their operations. This includes many products in their range being made from recycled materials and an initiative to repair, not replace, any products that get damaged. 

Today we’re going to be reviewing one of the most popular wallets in the TUMI range, The Tumi Slim Card Case, which is a thin attractive minimalist wallet. Although I’ll only be reviewing this wallet today, TUMI offers one of the most comprehensive range of wallets on the market with a huge variety of different models and designs to choose from. If this wallet isn’t for you make sure to check out their full range here. 

TL;DR: An attractive wallet with simple functionality for the minimalist lovers out there. The price tag is too expensive for my liking and other similar wallets exist and much cheaper prices with comparable quality. 


How Unique is the Wallet?

The Tumi Slim Card case is hardly unique. The wallet is designed in the popular credit card style meaning the wallet is sized to be only slightly larger than a credit/debit card and only slightly thicker than one (actual dimensions come in at 7.75 x 1 x 11cm). This is great for people looking for a minimalist wallet and someone who’s looking for a wallet that is hardly felt in the pocket with easy access to cash and cards on both sides. What does make this wallet different, compared to others, is its embossed textured leather and unique color. The texture is very pleasing in the hand and gives a slight tactical feel while the dark crimson blue is something out of a space-age movie. 

What are the Wallets Features?

The wallet is very basic and minimalist in its features, only including the standard wallet functionality you’ve come to expect from a wallet. This includes a main compartment for storage of banknotes, folded, and 4 dedicated slots that can fit one card in each (max 4). I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit disappointed by the lack of card storage. As a lover of minimalism myself even 4 cards is a little low for me. Sometimes wallets like this have the capacity to store multiple cards in each slot but that isn’t really realistic with this wallet as the leather is rather tight. 


What’s the Wallet Made From?

The Tumi Wallet is made from what Tumi describes as 100% leather. The website doesn’t actually specify that exact type of leather (is it Genuine or Full Grain) which is pretty poor on their front. That being said, having handled the Wallet and used it on a daily basis I am pretty confident it’s high-quality leather and seems thick and sturdy in the hand. I’ve only used the wallet for around 3 weeks so far but the wallet is very durable having no notable issues with quality or the wallet deteriorating during this period. The TUMI Wallet also provides a free personalization option that lets you customize your wallet with either your initials or a logotype icon. 

Is it a good price?

The TUMI Slim Card actually comes in two versions. The first, and the one I got, is called The Monaco based on the Navy blue color. This is actually much more expensive than it’s alternative version (the cheaper one made from Ballistic Nylon) coming in at $100 compared to $50. Alternative colors are available (including a very unique Tiger Print variation) that again differs in price. I’d recommend browsing their website to see the full range before committing to anything. 

So is the TUMI Slim Card Case a fair price? I’m not entirely sure. For what you get, I’m not convinced there aren’t better alternatives on the market at similar or better quality. After all, this is just a typical card case developed by a more popular brand than most. The wallet works fine as intended. I’m just a little skeptical if the higher price tags of between $50 – $100 is worth it. I’d probably browse through some of the alternatives first. 

What are the alternatives?

As a pretty popular and common design, many alternative wallets exist that look very similar to the TUMI Wallet. Below are just a few of my top picks that might take your fancy and may provide a cheaper price, or better functionality. If you’re specifically looking for a thin wallet then you can also check out our full guide on ‘The Best Ultra Thin Wallets’ on the market. 

Bellroy Micro Sleeve Wallet

Dango S1 Stealth Wallet

Nomatic (Basics) Wallet

Andar Freeman Wallet

Final Verdict

The TUMI Brand is one of the best I’ve come across when it comes to their take of sustainability and corporate responsibility. They have one of the best takes on providing products that are well built, but also give back in reducing their carbon footprint in a world where global warming is a real threat. 

That being said, the TUMI Card Case in particular isn’t a fantastic choice of wallet. It works well as a minimalist wallet with a decent look, but I simply can’t justify the high price tag for what you get. Other wallets in the TUMI range are much more innovative and I really need to test a few more before I make any snap judgments regarding the overall quality of TUMI’s Wallet range. If you want more information on TUMI check out their full range of wallets using the link below.


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