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The Best Personalized Wallets 2020

Add some unique personalization to your daily carry

Everybody likes to own some unique. Something that they can call their own and nobody else has. Personalized wallets are exactly this and are meant to provide customization options that allow you to add some unique individuals to your wallet that nobody else has.

Personalized wallets are quite scarce as you’d probably guessed. The options to change what you like or build a wallet to your exact liking is uncommon. Nevertheless, we’ve tried our fair share of personalized wallet and wanted to create this wallet so you can find a wallet that best suits your individual needs. This is something no commercial wallet brand could ever offer.

Different types of personalization 

When I talk about personalization or customization I’m talking about either designing your own wallet, adding something unique to them or having a huge range of design options available to purchase. Each will reflect a different price with a complete custom designed wallet costing significantly more than one with a simple custom engraving. Below I discuss the different types of customization options available to you.

Design your own wallet

Some wallets have systems where you can virtually mockup the wallet you like online (choosing things like colors, accessories, ect…) and then simply click to order. The wallet is automatically created online in a visual builder so you can see the changes made as you implement them. It’s a super seamless way to create a unique wallet and is one of the easiest (and cheapest) ways to get a personalized wallet.

Design your own wallet

Some wallets have systems where you can virtually mockup the wallet you like online (choosing things like colors, accessories, ect…) and then simply click to order. The wallet is automatically created online in a visual builder so you can see the changes made as you implement them. It’s a super seamless way to create a unique wallet and is one of the easiest (and cheapest) ways to get a personalized wallet.

The Trove Wallet

The most advanced wallet in terms of not only how you go about customizing your wallet but the process by which you do so. They have developed their own online interface where you can visually pick and choose the different colors, designs even adding some optional extras to the wallet if you so wish. It really is a seamless and easy process to use and you can end up fiddling for ages to achieve a wallet that is truly unique to you.

The Trove is a really sleek and unique looking minimalist wallet. With a 10 card capacity and 3 other compartments for cash and cards, the Trove is great for people looking to reduce or streamline their daily carry and move further towards a minimalist lifestyle. For more information on the Trove wallet and what it can offer you click the link below.

Custom engravings

Custom engravings are where you can get words etched or stamped directly into a leather wallet. Although this is a simple type of customization (some words) its fantastic for buying wallets as a gift or to celebrate a lifegoal or milestone. Having a wallet that reminds you of a certain time or place is a fantastic way to personalize your wallet and is usually very cheap if a wallet brand offers it. 

Cafe Leather Supply

Cafe Supply has quickly become one of my favorite wallet brands ever. In fact, when I’m not reviewing a new wallet I usually default to a wallet by these guys as they provide some of the best craftsmanship in the wallet world today. Experts in leather and with the options to personalize a wallet with a custom engraving Cafe Supply are the best of both worlds in terms of design and quality. I actually have a full review of one of my favorite wallets by Cafe which you can read here. Alternatively, you can visit their website directly by clicking the link here.

JooJoobs Wallets

Another brand that prides itself on master leather craftmanship JooJoobs – from Thailand – is a family fun business with the farther of the family having over 30 years in creating high-quality leather wallets. The quality is something you can’t fault and their range is large enough for you to find something you like. The wallets are also extremely affordable especially considering the quality you get. For more information on JooJoobs, you can visit our brand page for them here, to visit their website directly with the link below.

Mr. Lentz Wallets

If I could sum up Mr. Lentz, in a nutshell, it would be quintessentially American. Everything from the design of the website to the individual look and feel of their wallets is born and bred American. The quality is amazing and I’ve never used a Mr. Lentz wallet without having an intense appreciation for the quality and design.

They also have customization options allowing you to add custom engravings for as little as $16.00. For more information on Mr. Lentz and their range of wallets click the link below.

Complete custom builds

Leathercraft is a popular hobby and has created a whole host of individuals who design and create wallets. Because of this the opportunity to have one of these skilled craftsmen create a totally unique wallet – completely designed by you – is completely possible. But these types of people are scarce and the price you pay for such a unique item won’t be cheap. Below are just a few of these leather craftsmen that I recommend you take a look at.

Curt’s Wallets

I first discovered Kirt on the Wallets subreddit. If you haven’t seen the subreddit before It’s a great platform to discover some of the most unique wallets and to get some great impartial reviews for big branded wallets on the market today. 

He truly is a master at his craft and makes some beautifully unique wallets one which can be seen above. Although I’ve never had a customized wallet made by him I have no doubt from any images – and reviews – that he could create any wallet you like. For more information on Curt and what he could do for you to visit his website by clicking here.

Wallets on Etsy

If you don’t know Etsy is the biggest platform for handmade and vintage goods. Here people can sell their unique items and it became the biggest platform to find some of the most unique and customized wallets available today. I highly just recommend browsing the platform and seeing what you like. You can even send any shop a private message (or click the ‘request custom order’ button) and see whether they’d be willing to design something completely new you’ve thought up yourself.

Huge range of unique designs

Most wallets simply come in a few colors (usually brown & black) which doesn’t really give you much choice. If you’re looking for a design to reflect your personality then why not check out these wallet brands which have some of the largest catalogs of wallet designs on the market today.

The Thread Wallet

Although you don’t have many options to create your own designs the Thread wallet has the largest array of designs of any wallet I’ve come across. Whether you want something as simple as a unique color or a huge variety of unique and crazy looking designs the Thread wallet is sure to have something for you.

The Thread wallet is a minimalist elasticated wallet. Being ultra-slim, flexible and durable this wallet is great for people who want to reduce bulk but also want something flexible and that can be easily cleaned. The wallet can hold a maximum of 2 – 6 cards (with added space for cash) and comes with a hook to attach any keys or additional items too. 

Coming in at only $15.00 the Thread wallet is an affordable way to get a uniquely designed wallet at an affordable price. To read our full review on the Thread wallet click the link here.

The Paper Wallet

As the name suggests, the Paper wallet is made from a paper-like material called Tyvek. This very thin plastic-like material resembles paper yet has added qualities to make sure the wallet lasts and doesn’t deter overtime (like actual paper would). Being made from this material makes it easy to print on hence the huge range of designs the paper wallet is available in. The Paper wallet is also very affordable coming in at around $25.00 (or around £14.00). For more information on the Paper Wallet check out our full review by clicking here.

E8 Elephant Wallet

The E8 is a thin elasticated wallet that has some unique features for such a slim wallet. With a huge range of colors, this is a wallet which I’m sure you’ll find a design which suits you and I love they provide that option. 

Its main feature is the unique way it can store coins. Using dedicated elasticated slots (not that much bigger than a coin) the elastic basically hugs the coins and expands around the coins making them grip and secure the coins. A really unique way to solve a modern-day problem. For more information on the E8 Elephant, wallet check out our full review by clicking the link here.

Carved Wood & Resin Wallet

Probably the most unique wallet on this list the Carved Wood & Resin provides an innovative way to get a unique and abstract design that’s almost completely random. The process is simple, after creating the metal body the guys at Caved started with a raw wood burl, dry it and cut it to size. Their manufacturing process – and the fact no piece of wood is the same – meaning no design is ever the same creating some real unique customization options. 

The Carved wood & Resin wallet actually made my top 5 wooden wallet blog so check that out. Coming in at a price tag of £46.00 (around $60.00) the wallet isn’t cheap. But if you’re looking for a great minimalist wallet with some added flair then this wallet might be for you. Check out more information by visiting Carved directly using the link below.


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