Zitahli Wallet Review

An Affordable Bifold Wallet

Before I begin talking about the Zitahli Wallet I’d like to warn you this wallet’s design is commonly referred to as a standardized or copycat design. By that I mean this wallet’s design can be found under hundreds of different brand names all with the exact same look and feel, potentially being manufactured in the same factory. Some examples of these include the Forrest & Harold, and the Hissimo Wallet. That being said, I’m going to review the Zitahli impartially simply warning you that many of these copycat wallets are overpriced and simply mass-produced wallets with little care and regards for quality. 

The Zitahli Wallet is a classically designed bi-fold wallet that hosts a range of features in a crazy jam-packed design. The first thing to mention is the wallet’s build quality. Unfonrauntly, the Zitahli Wallet is only made from Genuine Leather which, opposed to popular belief, is actually one of the world’s grades of leather on the market. This gives the Zitahli a cheap feel which is more than likely to wear out faster than, say if the wallet was made from premium full-grain leather. That being said, the wallet is also available in a fake carbon fiber (which is better quality) and available in a range of cool color variations including blue, pink, and grey.

Where the wallet really excels is in its functionality which is probably the wallets redeeming factor. On the outside is 2 external card slots which are nice for quick access to your most-used cards. Internally, is another 5 slots for a maximum capacity of 12 cards. This also includes an ID Card slot and a smart pull tab that gives easier access to cards. Banknotes are secured using a metal money clip that runs down the center of the wallet. It’s a little flimsy and not entirely strong enough to secure the cash effectively. But when the wallet is closed this provides more security. 

Overall, the Zitahli Wallet is a pretty standard wallet for what you get. The best thing is the wallet features, and although not all work as efficiently as they could, they do still work. The biggest downside is the leather quality which to me is a deal-breaker. The wallet feels poor in the hand and having used genuine leather wallets in the past I know the Zitialhli wallet is likely to quickly degrade overtime – potentially rendering it useless. But at only $28.99, and with over 12K reviews at 4 stars or more perhaps I’ve been overly harsh to the Zitahli. For more information on this wallet, check them out on Amazon using the link below. 

  • Functionality 79% 79%
  • Design 62% 62%
  • Price 71% 71%



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