The Serman Brands 1.0 Wallet Review

The Good
  • Great range of functionality for a smaller sized wallet. Includes pull tabs, money clip, and ID card slot.
  • Made from a really nice leather available in a huge range of different colors.
  • The price tag is really affordable for most people.
The Bad
  • The wallet does not fit banknotes for other countries other than the USA. Any bills from say Europe or Britain are two large and overhang the wallet.
  • This style of wallet isn’t really unique or innovative. It can be seen and produced by a variety of other brands. An example is the Andar Apollo.

Serman Brands are a brand that first came onto the scene back in 2015 when they launched their first Kickstarter campaign. In this, they managed to raise a modest $35,00 that went towards developing the first wallet in their range The 1.0 Wallet. The Serman’s 1.0 Wallet is a unique take on the leather wallet and hosts a variety of features for a jam-packed functionality at a reasonable size and price. The Serman’s Brand was founded on the idea of honestly, integrity, teamwork, and trust. 

In this review, we’re going to look into detail regarding the 1.0 Wallet, the first wallet in their range, and see if it’s a great choice for you and look at a few of the competitors that Serman Brands resemble and give my honest opinion on this wallet.


Look & Design

The Serman Brands 1.0 is made of handcrafted top grain leather. There is the vintage leather of which my wallet is made of, and it is receptive to scratches. Like a fine wine, this wallet gets better with age. Just like the manufacturers put it ‘Each wallet has a compelling story to tell,’ the leather is designed to absorb the natural oils in your hands, which will, in turn, enrich its color. There is also dressed leather, which also shields the wallet from the effects of daily use. 

The most common color of the wallet is the Texas brown, and you guessed right if you thought that is the color of my wallet. However, the manufacturers ensure that prospective users get the option of choosing out of a huge range of unique colors available such as the California desert, slate gray, canyon, and red.


Functionality & Utility 

The manufacturers are also concerned about the safety of users’ properties; that is why the advanced RFID secure technology is incorporated into the design of the Serman wallet. It can block RFID signals of frequency 13.56 MHz or above, and protect the RFID chips from unauthorized scans. Knowing this puts my mind at rest because my cards are protected from wireless theft. For more information on RFID Security check out our FAQ page regarding the subject here.

The wallet has a front pocket that is designed for the card I use the most. It is easy to slot in and remove the card from this pocket. Inside the wallet, there are two pockets and a slot dedicated to storing photo ID. The wallet has a money clip that can hold a few numbers of dollar bills, while the designated pockets in the wallet can comfortably hold a maximum of 6-8 cards without looking bulky. Any more than this and the wallet really starts packing on the pounds. 

Another thing that keeps me fascinated with this wallet is the ease of use. I can access my cards, and there is a smart pull-strap that works perfectly to that effect. It also has a range of push access slots that provide easier access and the stainless steel money clip that keeps your cash secure. 


Final Verdict

After discussing the perks of this wallet, it also important to highlight a few shortcomings. The wallet does not fit many different types of banknotes properly. US Bills are about the sum of where this wallet really targets as British Banknotes, Euros and even Canadian Bills don’t fit in the wallet properly. I guess they just forget the rest of the world existed. 

Apart from some slight criticism of this wallet generally speaking the Serman 1.0 Wallet is a very fashionable and high-quality wallet that is very easy to use, stay organized, and will last you a long time. The Serman 1.0 wallet comes in at a price tag of $35.00 which is very reasonable for the caliber of wallet you get. For more information on the Serman 1.0 Wallet, and other wallets in their range, check out their official website using the link below.


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